Real Ritani Rings: Hayley & Tyler

In 2007, Tyler walked down his street to my best friend’s house and we met for the first time. He looked past my Oregon sweatshirt (his favorite university’s rival) and came up with an excuse to get my phone number. Over the next few years there were many awkward (typical middle school) “who do you like?” conversations and, in our little home town, we ran into each other quite often. On February 20th of 2010, we officially began dating.

We were inseperable all through high school and walked together in our graduation ceremony in 2013. Tyler then began college at the University of Washington and I went off to Central Washington University. We saw each other every chance we got, but being apart was hard. As I finished up my last credits to receive my Associate’s Degree, I started looking into where to continue my education. I followed my heart and moved into an apartment in Seattle, which just “happened” to be a block away from Tyler’s house… Once again, we were inseparable.

real ritani rings hayley

We made lots of new friends and experienced all that the big city had to offer. In November of 2014, Tyler invited me and some of our closest friends on a hike to see the amazing views at Wallace Falls. Everyone followed Tyler’s lead, and they are apparently very good at keeping secrets, because I was clueless that anything suspicious was going on. One of my best friends suggested that we “stop for a couple of pictures.” Just as everyone took out their cameras, Tyler got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course, I said YES! When I saw the beautiful Ritani engagement ring that he had pulled from his pocket, it took my breath away. I still catch myself getting distracted by the gorgeous sparkle of it all the time.

hayley and tyler proposal

We are getting married this June and I could not be more excited. It just makes me so happy and I feel so lucky. Who would have known that the boy I had a crush on at 12 years old would become my husband eight years later? Life is crazy, but I sure am glad that I get to have my best friend by my side through it all!

hayley and tyler ritani engagement

By Hayley Ottosen, as told to Kirsty Wareing

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