Real Ritani Rings: Meky & Jimmy’s Engagement Story

If it weren’t for finding that perfect ring on your website, none of this would have been initiated.

Noodle Dinner (Editor’s Note: Jimmy used code words to keep the proposal a surprise for Meky!)

Meky and I have been together for 6 years.  We met in college while participating in a student group together.  At that time, I was going through some drama and needed someone I could turn.  That person happened to be Meky.  As we talked at night and hung out, my issues before began to go away.  Soon enough, I began realizing that the one person that I thought of before I fell asleep was her, and vice-versa. The hardest part about being in a relationship while in college, or recently graduated, is that even though I wanted to ask her to marry me, I could not afford the ring.  3 years into a entry-level job, I finally had enough, but I knew I had made her wait far too long.  I knew I needed to get her something special.  I knew I needed to make it memorable.  And so it all began.

An appetite for noodles

I wanted to propose 3 months before buying the ring. I had stopped by every local jewelry store looking and learning about diamonds.

Eventually a friend of mine recommended looking online. I was skeptical at first, because I couldn’t physically see the ring. He had recommended a few sites, but none of them had anything that stood out by design. Eventually I stumbled across Ritani while browsing the web. I flipped through ring after ring, until I came across the Modern Bypass Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold, I knew I had found my ring. Not many sites carried yellow gold in a design that stood out as much as this one did to me. After 3 conversations with customer service and reading many reviews about the ring and Ritani, I was confident with the purchase. I soon learned Ritalin offered a no tax special, which certainly allowed me to spend more on the center stone. I was so happy I found Ritani and this deal I purchased it 3 months before my plan to propose knowing they would take care of me. As soon as I received the ring, I immediately contacted my girlfriend’s 4 closest friends and started planning.

Cooking the Noodles/Still Cooking the Noodles

We worked on Plan A with a plan B for over a month. As the days past, I realized… the climate temperature in Minnesota was too cold to do what I wanted, which required a lake. I went into a frantic brainstorming session. In 3 days, plan C was born, complete with location and logistics.

Sauce for the Noodles

Her friends and some of mine helped me to quickly acquire information on what lights are available and found me the perfect two dress that she could choose from after 2 brutal weeks of searching and trying stuff on for me. Finally everything arrived.

Twice Baked Noodles

Given the scale of the project, coordinating the availability of everyone, including the videographers, was difficult. The only way I could get everyone one the same page was to set up a meeting at the location and plan as a group. A bunch of us arrived, and planned how we were going to accomplish everything in the 1.5 hr time frame. By the end of the day, the last itineraries and details were complete.

Setting the Table for Noodles

The finished itinerary and assignments were the emailed out.

Noodle Dinner

Coordination between my friends and her friends to figure timing and execution of the plan took place on the day of.

I had told her that I would have to work late on our anniversary and that I would meet with her later. At the same time I had her friends invite her to happy hour, which they do quite often so that she would stay downtown. I asked her to get her nails done for our anniversary, as well as dress up and look nice for a romantic dinner downtown. Until the cameras showed up, she had no idea this was going to happen. Then the plan began to unfold.

I had practiced what I wanted to say 15 times before it she had arrived. When she started walking down the aisle of lights, I could tell she was more nervous than I was, because she would not stop talking (most of it was edited out). Later I found out, she even broke her nail of her left ring finger. When it was all said and I knew I had given her an unforgettable meal she would tell for the rest of her life.


After 2 cultural, 1 legal, and 1 symbolic destination wedding, we are married! We are looking forward to acquiring our new home, and creating unforgettable meals together.

By Jimmy Wong, as told to Kirsty Wareing