NEW: Ritani Engagement Ring Advisor

Ritani is proud to unveil an even easier way to find your perfect engagement ring online.

For those who don’t consider themselves well versed in the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), or don’t wish to browse through thousands of loose diamonds, the Engagement Ring Advisor aims to find the best rings to suit your needs and tastes. With helpful guidance on metals, ring settings and the qualities of diamonds, it’s never been easier to find the perfect ring to propose with.

The Ritani Ring Advisor helps you narrow down your search to a maximum of 7 possible engagement rings, by asking you questions about budget, styles, and what is most important to you in a diamond.

ritani ring advisor

The experience is designed to be a simple and fun way to shop for an engagement ring. Simply follow the tips on each screen, where you’ll find information about the most popular choices and how each option will affect the value of your ring.

Once a Ritani diamond has been suggested, you are then able to experiment with the different qualities. For example, you can select a diamond with more sparkle, or a larger carat weight – and understand how this changes the price of your ring. This information is presented clearly – you don’t have to become a diamond expert. We simply help you find the right diamond for your needs and her tastes.

ritani ring advisor 2

When you have found a setting and diamond you are happy with, you can opt to have it delivered to you at home, or to experience a free in-store preview. This latter option offers US customers a chance to see their real ring in person and try it on before they buy, at no extra cost. Ritani is the only jeweler that blends online and in-store experiences to offer all the benefits and convenience of both.

Try the Ritani Ring Advisor today. Alternatively, if you feel confident in your knowledge of the 4Cs and ring settings, begin creating your own engagement ring. At, engagement ring settings only are available with a center diamond. Visit your local Ritani retailer for settings without center diamonds.