Ritani Proposal Story: Catherine and George

Catherine and George’s love story began in 2015 when Cat was hanging out with her friends on a warm day in July. “I remember it as out of a movie – we bumped into each other, he smiled and said hello, and I fell in love,” Cat said. Within the first hour of knowing each other, George suggested they take a photo together and send it to Cat’s mom. “He was wholehearted and totally got me. I knew then [that he was the one] and I went over to my friends saying ‘I just met my husband!’” Cat said.

The First Date

Cat and George had their first date in Manhattan. “I drove down and remember her colorful kimono waving through the air as I picked her up on the corner of Madison Square Garden. Her smile was stunning,” George recalls, “I wanted to hold her hand SO badly, but didn’t want to rush things.” They drove to Central Park where they walked around and enjoyed the summer breeze. “We eventually held hands – it was great,” George said. The two sat together on a bench by the pond, talking about what they do, their families, and their goals. They window shopped, talked for hours, and ended up at Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar for dinner and drinks.

George walked Cat back to Penn Station, but she had just missed the most recent train and would have to wait another 45 minutes. George drove her home instead and they planned their next date and kissed goodnight.

September rolled around and George decided it was time to make their relationship official. George surprised Cat with flowers and they walked down to the Hudson River near his apartment. He told her that the flowers were for a reason, and that reason was him asking her to be his girlfriend. She jumped into his arms and said yes.

That night, they had dinner at an Italian restaurant near the Hudson River. An elderly couple having dinner next to them stopped to tell them what a lovely couple they were. “And they were right! I had a special feeling from the day I met her, but getting this first important yes made it real!” George said.

The Ring

George quickly realized Cat was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He decided it was time to start looking for an engagement ring. George had some base knowledge of diamonds and engagement rings by doing some research and talking to friends about the process, but he learned a lot more on Ritani’s website.

Cat had no idea what type of engagement ring she would want someday. “I love sparkly things, truly obsessed. But I never knew what type of diamond or ring I wanted. I just know I wanted SPARKLY. George has amazing taste and eventually knew that he would design the most amazing piece on his own. He did that and so much more beyond. I could not have done any better,” Cat said.

Using the bits and pieces of info he had gathered from Cat, he created a custom ring on his own that he knew she would love. George selected a French-Set Halo Diamond ‘V’ Band engagement ring with a radiant diamond center stone.

The Ring

The Proposal

“BABE, I WON A TRIP THROUGH WORK!” This was the text Cat received from George last September. He explained that after a year of being at his new job, he had won a trip for two to Austria thanks to his hard work putting him at the top of his starting class. Cat didn’t find this unusual since his boss had been to Hawaii only a few months prior. She had no idea George was planning to propose on this trip.

A few weeks later, they landed in Austria. They were tired, but excited to be in a beautiful new country riddled with snow capped mountains. They checked into their chic hotel, freshened up, and started exploring. They enjoyed the crisp air, local grub, welcoming smiles, and wandering the bicycle-ridden streets.

George had arranged for them to get a private tour of the Swarovski museum where he would get down on one knee. He chose this location because Cat loves all things Swarovski. “If anyone tells you they aren’t nervous for the proposal itself, they are kidding you! You want everything to go right and for it to be such a special moment. My biggest fear was losing the ring before or during the proposal. I must have checked my pocket 1,000 times! A lot of planning went into this one, incredible moment for the two of us. More than anything, I was excited to see her face when she realized what was happening. This is one of those few once-in-a-lifetime type of smiles you can bring out of your significant other and you want to get it right.” George said.

Their tour guide greeted them and took them around the museum, showing them various installations highlighting Swarovski crystals via different artist’s interpretations. The tour guide took them to the top of a set of stairs and said, “This next room in particular is quite special. Being in the room and THEN seeing it is totally different than just walking in, so please put on these blindfolds.” George helped Cat put on her blindfold and the two were led into the room.


When Cat opened her eyes, George got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes!


Proposal Advice

Cat and George both agreed that a proposal should be special for the two of you. When asked for proposal advice, George likened it to making a sandwich. He said, “Figuring out what ring to choose and how to propose can be daunting not knowing where to start. One side of the sandwich should be made using what sparks passion in your significant other. Choose the location based on this. The other side of the sandwich is made with the symbol that will represent your love for your significant other everywhere they go. Let this inspire the ring you choose, regardless of the size. Finally, what goes in the middle and has all the flavor, truly making this sandwich unique is the love you two share! Know that no matter what ring you choose or how you propose, it will be special and everlasting.”


Cat and George will tie the knot on October 12, 2019. They are both getting their wedding rings from Ritani and Cat is making a custom wedding band! Congratulations to this wonderful couple! We wish them all the best!

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