What People Really Care About When Buying An Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is one of the first large purchases in a persons’ life. Making a decision like purchasing an engagement ring is not something we recommend you do impulsively; instead, take the time to do your research on diamonds and the 4 C’s. Spend some time looking for what’s really important in the journey to buy an engagement ring.

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Recently, our friends over at The Knot released the findings from their annual “Bridal Jewelry and Engagement” study, where they interviewed more than 13,000* couples about their journey from engagement to marriage. We now present some informative trends from the study which describe what people really care about when buying their engagement ring and bridal jewelry.

Fact 1: Men Look for Diamond Style and Ring Setting

The most important attribute for grooms when selecting a ring is the style and setting of the ring (above other attributes like diamond quality, diamond shape, diamond size and ring price).

Fact 2: Brides-To-Be Look For Diamond Cut and Diamond Shape

The attribute of an engagement ring that brides care most about is the diamond’s cut grade and its shape. Similar to grooms, they ranked diamond size lower than most other attributes.

FYI:  Shape refers to the form a diamond takes when viewed from the top down. Cut is a measure of the symmetry and proportions of the diamond, which affects its sparkle. Learn more.

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Fact 3: Round is Still The Most Popular Center Diamond Shape

Forty-nine percent of respondents said a round diamond was their preferred diamond shape. However, it is slipping in popularity in favor of various fancy shapes.

At Ritani, we have seen a steady rise in the popularity of elongated shapes like emerald diamonds, oval diamonds, and radiant diamonds.

Fact 4: White Colored Metals Remain Most Popular

  • Eighty-two percent of respondents chose white gold or platinum (at 68% and 14% respectively).
  • Five percent chose yellow gold metal for their engagement rings.

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Fact 5: 8 in 10 Brides Buy New Bridal Jewelry  

Day-of-wedding jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, with 8 in 10 brides buying new jewelry for their wedding day. The most popular wedding accessories are earrings (68% of respondents made an earring purchase), followed by necklaces at 39% and bracelets at 38%.

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More Fun Engagement Ring Facts

  • Fifty-one percent of bride’s browse engagement rings prior to getting engaged.
  • Thirty-three percent of couples shop for a ring together.

For more information about engagement ring shopping, read about how to buy an engagement ring. Don’t stress about choosing a diamond either; our Virtual Gemologist consultation gives you the opportunity to review multiple diamonds side by side through actual diamond imagery and HD video with a non-commissioned gem expert. Whether you start with the diamond or the ring, you’ll be certain to create the engagement ring she’ll love. If you already know what kind of engagement ring you want, let’s get started!

*The trends described in this article reflect the luxury segment of couples surveyed, who spent $8,000 or more on their engagement ring.