Why are halo engagement rings so popular?

As part of a wider resurgence of interest in vintage and antique design, halo diamond engagement rings are currently very popular. From Art Nouveau and Art Deco, to a classic diamond halo, there are many different styles and finishes to choose from. While many women may prefer a timeless solitaire, or favor a more modern ring design, it’s clear to see the appeal of a brilliant halo style.

Halo engagement rings were very popular during the Victorian era, as well as later in the 1920s Art Deco period. Throughout most decades since, halo rings have been sought after in one form or another. Different gemstones, metals, and ornate designs have been stylish at certain times, with each generation bringing their new twist to the stunning bridal look. Pre owned engagement rings featuring halos are popular right now, as well as new halo rings.

halo engagement ring

The current fascination with halo engagement rings may cause some to believe that they are a fad; that in a few years they will seem out of style or old-fashioned. This notion is akin to believing that a particular metal is a passing trend. While jewelry trends will always come and go, with certain styles and metals being in the spotlight at certain times, this does not prevent them from being truly timeless. If a halo engagement ring is what you love, don’t worry about staying on-trend or choosing the ‘right’ ring for anyone but yourself or loved one.

There are many reasons to adore diamond halo rings. The addition of smaller pavé or micropavé diamonds increases the overall sparkle of the center diamond, as well as adding to the total carat weight of an engagement ring. The average cost of an engagement ring with a halo setting is typically slightly lower than a solitaire, since the center diamond can have a smaller carat weight. They will often take up more space on the finger than a solitaire, appealing to those who want to stand out and catch the eye.

ritani hexagonal halo engagement ring

When shopping for the perfect halo, there are a couple of specific factors to consider. First, decide which halo shape is right for you. A round diamond, for example, will look very different when set in a cushion-shaped halo. An angled shape, such as a hexagonal halo, will bring a more unique finish to the ring. Round halo engagement rings have more of a timeless silhouette.

Because halo designs include lots of very small stones, you will want to choose a jeweler that is renowned for its superior craftsmanship. Tiny diamonds need to be set very securely within the metal, so that through daily wear they do not become loose or go missing. Remember to ask if a warranty protects any of those missing stones, so that you can get them replaced easily.

Why do you think halo engagement rings are so popular? Do you love this dazzling style, or do you prefer a different ring design? Let us know in the comments!