5 Best Places to Propose in Indianapolis

No pressure, but Indianapolitans are creative people. Think about it. They have heated skywalks, countless craft beers, and enough artsy trailside distractions along the Cultural Trail to make any Portlandian jealous. If you are  going to propose to the love of your life, you need to do it in a memorable and creative way. Most importantly, you need to ask in a spot that you will both always remember. Here are our five favorite places to propose in Indianapolis:

A Private Gondola Ride on the Central Canal


After tallying the expenses of a unique engagement ring, matching diamond wedding bands, and reception costs, perhaps taking your partner to a honeymoon in Venice isn’t quite in the budget. Luckily there are gondola rides right in the heart of Indianapolis. You may have already spotted the gondoliers, or even heard them while walking or jogging along the Canal Walk, but what you might not know is that Old World Gondoliers offers customizable proposal packages. You can even order additional items like flowers and gift baskets containing meats, cheeses and wines. Call the company for all the details.

Eagle’s Nest Restaurant


With a rotating 360-degree view of Indianapolis, the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant is atop the 22-story Hyatt Regency Hotel. Reviewers at OpenTable have rated the Eagle’s Nest as one of their top 100 most romantic restaurants; naturally, this makes the Eagle’s Nest one of the most romantic places to propose in Indianapolis, as well. To be sure, it is a charming and comfortable destination on a quiet night, but if you’re going here with a proposal plan that involves privacy, you might want to reconsider. It is highly likely you will encounter a few guests from the attendees visiting the adjacent Indiana Convention Center. In these situations, the Eagle’s Nest feels more like a lounge than an intimate fine dining experience. If you’re concerned about crowds and ambiance, consider simplifying your plan to evening drinks paired with a dessert and a side of engagement ring.

White River Gardens

white river gardens

At a mere 3.3 acres, the White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo will not rival larger botanical gardens found in most American cities, but intimate proposal opportunities are almost always in bloom. This year butterflies were reintroduced to the Hilbert Conservatory, which houses tropical plants and doubles as a warm refuge for winter visitors seeking comfort in inclement weather. The conservatory is often open to all visitors, but from April through October weddings are hosted nearby in the appropriately-named wedding garden, and these special events close off a significant part of the facility to the public. That means that you’ll encounter more people in smaller spaces, especially at benches and along brick pathways. If proposal intimacy is critical, inquire about scheduled private events before buying admission tickets.

Skyline Club


While it doesn’t have the rotating, 360-degree view like the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, the Skyline Club on the 36th floor of the OneAmerica Building offers a vantage point that is nearly twice the height. It also offers a spacious floorplan that ensures intimate fine dining even on weekends.  The Skyline has six private rooms, although the main dining room area easily seats over 200 guests without crowding the black granite dance floor. The result is more space between tables than most conventional restaurants.

Holcomb Gardens


Located on the Butler University Campus five miles north of the city, Holcomb Gardens features twenty acres of verdant perfection. If your wedding preparations are already beyond the ring size chart stage, you may have already seen Holcomb Gardens in wedding photography portfolios. The park is ideal for romantic summer strolls, although the pond and Holcomb Memorial Carillon attract the most foot traffic throughout the year. If you’re visiting during the spring or summer, check out the pond and statue of Persephone on the north side of the park. You’ll find fewer people and less noise from the carillon bells. The garden pond is illuminated at dusk, which provides a stunning backdrop for evening proposals.

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