4 Halloween Proposal Ideas

If you and your partner love Halloween, it could be a great idea to propose on October 31st. The element of surprise will be on your side, because it isn’t a holiday that’s conventionally associated with romance. Here are a few ways you could pop the question on the scariest night of the year – when you need to hold each other close.

Picking out your pumpkin

Proposing at the pumpkin patch is popular because of the nostalgic atmosphere it creates. Plant the ring on a stalk and tell your sweetheart to pick the pumpkin, or pick it yourself and pass it to them so that they see the ring. This makes for great photo opportunities too – full of color and fall vibes.

halloween proposal

Carving your pumpkins

If you’re a skilled carver, get four or five pumpkins and spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ Light a candle in each and call them over to read them as you present the ring.

Couples’ costumes

Do they have a favorite movie? If there’s a recognizable couple that stars in it, suggest you dress up as them for Halloween. Propose in character; this works best with iconic and romantic dialogue that you can quote.

halloween engagement

Trick or treat

Bobbing for apples, trick or treating – Halloween is ripe for proposing playfully. Make the engagement ring a surprise prize; slip it into their candy bag, or present it when they choose a ‘treat’. A diamond ring will be a better surprise than candy!

You can also use candy to create a memorable Halloween proposal. Order custom M&M’s that will say “Will You Marry Me?” or spell it out with candy corn for a sweet surprise. 

For playful couples, you can pop the question by incorporating a Ring Pop. Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga with a Ring Pop, followed immediately by a stunning heart-shaped diamond ring.