How to Drop a Hint for Valentine’s Day!

Drop a valentine's day hint

Does the man in your life tend to struggle and stress about what to get you for special occasions? From obvious to subtle, here are ways to help him figure out what you really want for Valentine’s Day.

V-Day can be a source of stress for many. Significant others scramble to get an overpriced bouquet of flowers at the last minute or desperately search for the perfect gift. If that isn’t enough, there’s the card to buy, the dinner, movie or other “romantic” outing to be planned. We get that it can feel overwhelming (or worse, underwhelming) at times. That said, we think Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to expressing your love in ways you might not normally do — like going on an adventure together, trying out that new fusion restaurant you’re both curious about, or buying an amazing piece of jewelry. We also understand that sometimes your partner might not know what you really want on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we think dropping hints about your ideal gift or romantic date can be very helpful.

Send It In An Email

Sending a personal email can always be a welcome distraction during a long day at work. For this instance, why not include a link to something you want for Valentine’s Day? Many retailers, like Ritani, offer a “Drop A Hint” link on product pages to “share this product with a friend.” Your unsuspecting partner receives an email with a link to the product and a note from you.


Shop Together

If you happen to be at the mall together, feel free to point out a few things you like or admire. Suggest browsing the stores together. You might be surprised to find that your significant other is paying a lot more attention than it seems. Either way, it can’t hurt.

Ask Cupid

Take a cue from Santa and make a cute Valentine’s themed “Naughty or Nice” list addressed to Cupid with gift ideas. Keep it light-hearted and fun. Saint Valentine would have wanted it that way.

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Walk Down Memory Lane

If he’s knocked it out of the park on a previous Valentine’s Day or another romantic occasion, casually remind him how much that meant to you. Bring up the particular instance, like the restaurant or gift, and reminisce about how great it was. This might inspire him to duplicate that success.

Be an Early Bird

Give your guy a gift a few days before Valentine’s Day. This sets the bar for what kind of gift you hope to receive, and reminds him that V-Day is fast approaching! You can tell him you were just so excited about the gift that you just couldn’t wait to give it to him.

Pin It

Since Pinterest has become a preferred digital outlet to express what you love and/or want, why not create a Valentine’s Day pinboard? If he has Pinterest, chances are he will see it, and if he doesn’t you could always “accidentally” leave it open before he uses the computer. If you want to get really obvious, create a board that’s titled “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” and share it with him.

Tag Him

Facebook and Instagram allow you to tag your significant other in any public post. We regularly see our followers tag their spouses on our social posts featuring engagement rings or jewelry that they like. As Valentine’s Day approaches, tag your significant other in posts with jewelry, gifts, or date ideas.

You can also share the memory of your favorite Valentine’s Day together (or date, or romantic outing) on your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account. You can even tag him in the post and mention that you’re looking forward to the next one! If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, just post something about your dream V-Day date!

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Tell A Friend

Many times when a man needs to find the perfect gift, he will ask a mutual friend for advice. So make sure your friends know what you want. If they know what you want when he asks, it will make things very easy for the both of you!

Show And Tell

If you’re browsing on your phone and come across something you like (jewelry, a restaurant, or vacation idea), don’t be afraid to show it to him. If you’re worried about being presumptuous or too aggressive, say: “don’t you love this? I think I’m going to save up for it…”

Be Direct

When all is said and done, honesty is the best policy. If there’s something you really want, say so. Have an open conversation about gifts, including whether or not you’re going to splurge on something or opt for a small gift like a box of chocolates.

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Do It Yourself

Make reservations at the restaurant of your choice and plan out your ideal romantic evening. You can even buy yourself a present, because, why not? He will probably admire and appreciate you taking the reins on this one.

No matter which way you choose, chances are it will relieve your significant other of a lot of stress when searching for the perfect gift or engagement ring for Valentine’s Day.