How to tell people you are engaged on Facebook

While social media has made most communication easier and quicker, there’s something of a dilemma when announcing life-changing events such as getting engaged. Do you tell everyone on Facebook in one nonchalant status? It’s best to think this through first – because once it’s out there, people have seen it and will start spreading your happy news themselves.

Some factors to consider include:

– Do you really want your close family finding out through a typed message? Wouldn’t you prefer to see the look on their face, or at least the sound of their voice? Tell everyone who’s truly special to you, in person. It will take a bit longer, but the memories will absolutely be worth it.

– Think about those family members who don’t have a presence on social media, particularly older relatives such as grandparents. If you post about it online before you have a chance to share the news with them, they may feel hurt and left out of the celebrations. They would be most likely to hear about it through another member of the family – and perhaps assume that you didn’t intend to include them.

– It is obviously fine to post a photo of your engagement ring accompanying your announcement. However, all too often we see posts that focus solely on the ring – and therefore risk minimizing what it actually represents. It’s wonderful that you’re happy with your new ring, but you may not want people thinking that you’re superficial, or rushing into marriage without considering its more serious implications. This is, of course, just advice: if you genuinely don’t care what people think, and simply want to show off your new sparkle, who’s to argue?

Essentially, announcing an engagement should be a happy time that includes those who you feel closest to. Don’t spend time worrying about how you might be perceived – relish the moment. However, it’s understandable that you will want to avoid any unnecessary conflict with your family at this emotional time. By considering their reactions, you can put those concerns to rest and enjoy your betrothal.