Perfect New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is a popular and meaningful time to propose. A night when people look back and forward in their lives, it’s the perfect time to make a commitment to the person you love. Plus, you’ll always remember the day you popped the question! Here are some ideas for how you can pop the question in style.

Make A Resolution

New Year’s Eve is a great time to look back at the previous year and, more importantly, look towards the future. What better way to propose? Talk to each other about your goals for the coming months, and tell them nothing would make you happier than marrying them. Present the engagement ring to show you really mean it!

Markito on Pixabay

Create A Photo Album

Make a photo album or a slideshow containing all of your favorite photos together from the past year. Create a page (or slide) asking them to marry you at the end. Present it to your significant other, telling them you want to reflect on this amazing year together and be prepared to get down on one knee! Have a friend on hand to take a photo of this special moment and add it to your photo album later.

Toast With Family And Friends

If you are spending New Year’s Eve with people you both hold dear, consider including them! They will, no doubt, be thrilled to be a part of this precious memory. As you make toasts as a group to everything you are grateful for, and what you wish to pursue in the next year, propose to your partner. Someone is sure to get a photo of their surprised expression!

Joshua Chun
Joshua Chun

Use A Champagne Glass

Tie the ring to a champagne glass and present it to your sweetheart, asking for their hand in marriage. This may be a better alternative than a toast with family and friends if your significant other gets nervous in the spotlight. 

Enjoy A Quiet New Year

While lots of people gather with friends in restaurants and bars for New Year’s Eve, these aren’t always the best places to pop the question. Consider spending time with your partner alone, for the perfect private proposal. As the countdown to midnight begins, get down on one knee to make their year.

An ‘Impromptu’ Proposal As They Get Ready

If your partner is someone who would want to share the good news with others as soon as possible, consider proposing before you leave home for the night’s celebrations. Just as they’re finished getting dressed and are putting on their jewelry, let them know that there’s one final accessory they’re missing – the perfect engagement ring. It will make the New Year’s truly unforgettable!

couple in the snow

Use The Snow

Write “Will You Marry Me?” in the snow. Bring your significant other outside to see the message and get down on one knee! Just make sure you have a backup plan, like using holiday lights instead, as the weather can be unpredictable. 


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