Ritani Proposal Story – Courtney and Jose

Fate brought this couple together at Temple. Love (and Tinder) sealed the deal.

Courtney knew right away she had a crush on Jose when she saw him for the first time. It was a hot June evening at a church softball game when she first caught a glimpse of his jet black hair and the blue Dodger “Kershaw” jersey that he still wears at any given opportunity..

Jose noticed Courtney too, but he was shy, and didn’t show a hint of interest. Courtney even asked his name only to be ignored, although Jose swears he didn’t hear her. For weeks, they both played it cool during the rest of the summer softball games, stealing glances while the other was turned but but never daring to speak a word.


Finally, Fate stepped in, via Tinder.

After they both swiped right, communication suddenly opened up for them and Courtney and Jose were texting away. Courtney was sure they had finally broken the ice. Until the next softball game, where Jose completely ignored her again. Courtney couldn’t believe it and remembers thinking,

“Don’t you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by, again?!”

Not to be put off, Courtney decided to just be bold. One Sunday, she noticed him in chapel and made her way to sit directly behind him. She was going to speak to him in person whatever it took. When church was over, he gave her an odd ‘friend-zone’ handshake and left. Having taken extra time to get ready that day, hoping to have a formal introduction with him, Courtney was beginning to lose patience.

But somehow her blunt forwardness must have made an impact on shy Jose. Soon after, he found the courage to speak to her and the couple began texting frequently. They would talk about church activities and softball.

The First Date

On August 7, 2015, the couple went on their first date to a Salt Lake Bee’s baseball game and afterward to a friend’s birthday party. When they arrived at the party, all attention was immediately on Jose and his dance moves. As they moved on from the dance floor, they joined a group playing Truth or Dare. One dare was for the girl sitting next to Jose to kiss him.

Despite having Courtney sitting on the other side of him, Jose leaned over and kissed the other woman with no hesitation! Courtney tried to reconcile the image of this guy who was too shy to talk to her for weeks, but was totally fine kissing a stranger on a dare!

“It was the most memorable, awkward, last first date ever,” Courtney recalls.

Things Get Serious

After their date, aside from Jose’s kissing spree, the couple was inseparable. Time had a way of disappearing as they found themselves lost in conversation. They often went to movies, church activities, looking up and stargazing on their walks. They even joked around, imagining what their kids would look like.

One night at the temple, they had a heart-to-heart talk about the future. As they listened to one another it struck Courtney how much the two had in common, and how in sync they were. She had a feeling that night that this was the start to something real, and something lasting.

“My mother always told me, ‘Courtney, when you meet the right person you will know!’”

She knew.

The Proposal

Courtney recalls, “I don’t know when it first came up, but Jose and I got very serious and often talked about getting married.”

In March, Jose joined Courtney on a trip to Mississippi to spend a weekend at home with family. Courtney suspected Jose was going to propose, so she primped and prepared, getting her nails done and becoming more and more excited as the weekend progressed. Jose picked up on Courtney’s suspicions, but had her convinced that he was simply asking for her father’s blessing and had not even shopped for a ring yet.

She completely fell for it.

With the whole family together, dressed for a friend’s shower, Courtney’s mother wanted to take some family photos and suggested that they all take a walk to the lake in their backyard.

It was a beautiful day and as they walked down the path, Jose told Courtney how much he loved her. With her arm wrapped around Jose, Courtney felt something in his pocket, but Jose quickly moved and shifted her arm. Jose told Courtney again how much he loved her. Still not sure what was happening, Courtney laughed nervously and asked why he was telling her all these things.


As Jose turned toward Courtney, he got down on one knee. And then Courtney saw the ring. It was a stunning cushion-shaped diamond halo with the brilliant sparkle of four, large, prong-set diamonds cascading from either side of the center diamond. Nothing could have prepared Courtney for how incredible it was, taking this moment in, and sharing it with her family. She was moved to tears as she accepted Jose’s proposal.


The bride and groom exchanged vows in the Los Angeles Latter Day Saint Temple on Wednesday, September 14th. Whenever Courtney looks down at the lovely ring she wears, it reminds her of all that is special and unique about her bond with Jose, and it makes her happy to know that she finally found love that was one of a kind.

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