Ritani Proposal Story: Lisa and Jackie

Abigail Gingerale Photography

Jackie and Lisa had no idea they were going to meet the love of their life when they were attending a mutual friend’s birthday party at a bar called Porta down at the Jersey Shore. “I remember feeling butterflies the minute I saw her. She was absolutely beautiful,” Lisa recalled. “Jackie is the kindest person I have ever met. She has a big heart and the perfect smile and I knew I wanted to marry her the first day I met her.”

Their connection was undeniable – Lisa and Jackie were immediately head over heels for each other. After a year of dating, they moved in together and got a Portuguese Water dog named Porta after the bar where they first met. 

Lisa knew for sure that Jackie was the one when they were driving home from their first trip to New Hampshire together. The drive took 6 hours, but they killed time by listening to old playlists from when they were younger. “We had so much fun! I knew she was the one because I knew I would never want to leave her side,” Lisa said. 

Lisa began searching for the perfect engagement ring for Jackie. Lisa knew she wanted to find something unique and different for Jackie. She began her search at some of the stores in the mall and then researched the internet for hours. Finally, Lisa found the perfect ring for Jackie that fit all of Jackie’s “hints.” Lisa knew it was the right ring because it was “beautiful, unique, and definitely stood out.” Lisa picked the Masterwork Cushion Halo Vaulted Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring with a round diamond center stone.


Abigail Gingerale Photography
Abigail Gingerale Photography

“I was nervous that I would be too scared to get up the courage to ask her [to marry me] but I was more excited than nervous. I was excited to see her reaction and excited to make it “official” how much I loved her,” Lisa said. 

Lisa found the perfect time to propose – Jackie, who is a doctor, was celebrating the end of her residency program with her 5 other co-residents in Hawaii. Lisa came along to celebrate the huge accomplishment. The co-residents were in on Lisa’s plan to propose. One day during their trip, the group decided to head out for brunch. Lisa told Jackie that she had to stay behind to do work remotely. While everyone was out at brunch, Lisa borrowed her friend’s car, dressed up in all white, picked up some white flowers and drove to a lookout spot in Oahu that overlooked the whole city. Lisa arranged for Jackie and her fellow residents to check out the view after brunch, where Lisa was waiting in a bed of white flowers with the ring. Of course, Jackie said yes!

Abigail Gingerale Photography

Lisa and Jackie tied the knot in May 2019. Congratulations to this adorable couple! 

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