Stunning Engagement Photos In Freezing Temps Goes Viral

When photographer Kellie Elmore decided to give the gift of wedding photos to her newlywed friends Morgan Daye and Josh Morris, she didn’t know she was going to start a social media frenzy. But within three days of uploading the winter wonderland photos to her Facebook page, the post was shared more than 1,300 times.

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The trio had driven to Bald River Falls in Tellico Plains, a 90-foot waterfall 30 miles east of Athens, Tennessee. But on the way there, traffic became so bad they decided to park the car and hike the rest of the way—two miles in 25-degree weather. And when they arrived, they found the waterfall had frozen over.


Now, people can’t get enough of the couple’s photos, and the story has been picked up by news outlets as far as the UK and Australia, with commenters making comparisons to Disney’s Frozen, or simply being astonished at the couple’s apparent comfort in freezing temperatures. Little do they know, Daye was wearing snow boots under her gown to navigate the ice and snow.

frozen-couple frozen-couple-2 frozen-cuddle
frozen-noses happy-lift frozen-serious

Elmore later photographed the couple in a much warmer climate with similarly gorgeous results.

warm-10 warm-9 warm-2
warm-1 warm-3 warm-5

The combination of Elmore’s photographic talent and the incredible good looks of the couple are a match made in heaven. The couple, who are students at The Ramp School of Ministry in Hamilton, Alabama, have their wedding planned for May 11.

And we can’t wait to see the wedding photos.