Thinking of proposing on April Fools’ Day?

Sarah Deshaw Photography

April Fools’ Day doesn’t immediately spring to mind as one of the most romantic days of the year, but if you and your partner share a wicked sense of humor, it might be a great opportunity to propose! While the most popular days tend to be Valentine’s day, Christmas, and New Year’s, there’s nothing wrong with playing on the unexpected for a funny story that you’ll want to tell for years. Here are some suggestions to really surprise your significant other with a proposal they’ll never forget:

Try getting down on one knee so that they think you’re proposing. Pull out an empty ring box and pretend the ring’s missing! You can place the ring somewhere around the house for your partner to find, or pull out a bigger ring box for a welcome surprise.

For an April Fools’ that lets other people be part of the trick, think public proposals. At a sports game, arrange to have the big screen pan to you as if you’re about to propose – but then shake your head and say, ‘Not us, no way!’ Then propose on the way home when it’s just the two of you.

Throw a big party with family and friends to tell them some exciting news but when everyone arrives, reveal a ‘surprise’ that’s something completely mundane – like you opened a Twitter account, or learned to make french toast – something ridiculous that will have everyone confused. Then, when everyone’s looking at their most awkward, get down on one knee to make them all gasp.

This is a bit of a risky one but you’ll know if it’s going to go well or not, judging by her sense of humor. Text her when she’s not with you saying something like ‘We need to have a talk’, making it sound like you could be thinking about breaking up with her. When you meet up, look very serious and like something heavy is weighing on your mind. Say your relationship isn’t really going how you thought it would… and then before you get too deep, say that it’s going far better than you could have ever hoped for! Then pull out the ring. There’s little chance that once you’ve proposed she’ll hold it against you, and it’ll definitely get her heart racing.

There are many more ideas that you can try out if you want to propose on April Fools’ day; most of them will stem from private jokes you have just with each other. You could even rope some friends into helping you with the pranks, if they can be trusted to keep a secret. The main thing to consider is whether she will appreciate the joke – whether she says yes to the proposal is another issue, but you don’t want to start your engagement off on an awkward tone. The most important thing is that you both have fun, and have a great story to tell people of how you got engaged.