Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine's Day City Proposal

Skipping the chocolates and opting for an engagement ring this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got nine inspiring proposal ideas to help you sweep her off her feet!

The Way To Her Heart

Rather than going to a restaurant, cook your significant other’s favorite meal at home for the two of you. It’s much more personal, and you can take your time to pop the question without working around a busy waiter’s schedule. Light some candles and set the table (with a white tablecloth, if that’s your kind of thing). If you want to build anticipation, wait until you’ve served dessert. If you want the meal to be a celebration, propose before you’ve sat down to eat. Either way, she’ll be thrilled – not to mention impressed with your culinary skills.

valentine's day dinner proposal
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Your First Date, Revisited

For a Valentine’s Day proposal that feels unique and especially meaningful, recreate your first date. Whether it was at an art gallery, at the theater or at the best bar in town, going back to that place will get you both reminiscing about all of the good times in your relationship. Bring up some of your favorite memories together, and then promise a lifetime of memories to come when you present the engagement ring.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Proposal
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Relationship Scavenger Hunt

Are you inspired by the idea of revisiting your story as a couple? Start at the place you first met, and leave clues so they will revisit the important locations and memories of your relationship. Be ready at the final spot with the engagement ring – and watch their eyes light up as they realize what it’s all been leading up to.

Get inspired by this amazing scavenger hunt proposal on How He Asked.

Precious Keepsakes

If you’ve kept little mementos of your relationship, such as ticket stubs, love letters and favorite photos, create a scrapbook that chronicles the time you’ve spent together. Write ‘Will You Marry Me?’ towards the end of the book, but make sure to leave a few pages blank. Later, you can fill these in with engagement pictures and wedding plans.

Take A Look Inside

Present the engagement ring in something other than its box to make your proposal even more of a surprise. Whether it’s in a bouquet of roses, hidden in a box of her favorite candy, or brought to her alongside her morning cup of coffee, she’ll love being caught off guard.

Romantic Getaway

How about taking a romantic weekend away? Whether it’s a place neither of you have visited or your partner’s favorite destination, this is a wonderful way to create lasting memories together. (Just be sure to pack the engagement ring somewhere that she won’t discover it ahead of time.)

Valentine's Day Proposal Hearts
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Say It With Heart

Using those classic candy conversation hearts, lay a trail to a private proposal spot where you and the ring await. For an added touch of sweetness, hold up a giant heart-shaped paper sign saying “Will You Marry Me?” If candy hearts don’t strike your fancy, you can also use rose petals to lay the trail. Make sure you plan your path in a place that’s not easily disturbed, like in your own home (from the front door to the bedroom) or in your yard (from the driveway to the backyard).

Go All Out

If she has a soft spot for romance, then embrace the over-the-top appeal of Valentine’s Day. Buy flowers, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons and a teddy bear – and just when she thinks it couldn’t get any cuter – get down on one knee with the diamond ring.

Proposal Planner

If you’re still stumped about how to plan the perfect proposal, just hire a professional! There are services such as The Yes Girls or The Heart Bandits that offer custom proposal packages. They’ll tailor your proposal to your relationship and make it even more special than she ever imagined. And don’t forget about services like Flytographer to help document your big moment.

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