Women Proposing To Men Is So Right Now

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Women proposing to men may seem like a modern phenomenon, but it actually isn’t a recent thing at all. Ireland has been ahead of the game by holding the tradition of women proposing to men on leap year since the 5th century. The next leap year is February 29th, 2020, but why wait until then to propose to your man?

According to CBS News, only 5% of women proposed in 2014. It’s time to change that. Gender roles are so 20th century, and it’s totally cool (and empowering!) for the woman to pop the question. To learn more on how to propose to a man and discover fun proposal ideas, keep reading.

Asking the Big Question

You may have a lot of questions on how to propose to a man. Keep in mind that proposing to a man in any relationship is already non-traditional, so there are no strict rules on how you should do it.

If you’re thinking about marriage, you already know a lot about your S.O.’s personality. Make it all about him and use what you already know to craft your proposal – if he’s shy and doesn’t like being the center of attention, you probably shouldn’t propose in a crowded public place.

Take into account his interests and hobbies to make the proposal as special as possible. If he loves the outdoors, plan a hike or a camping trip in a beautiful new location to propose. If he’s a craft beer fanatic, consider arranging for a fun trip to a brewery.

The key to a memorable proposal is preparation and planning. Here are a few more ideas to help you create an unforgettable proposal:

  • Take him back to the place of your first date or where you made your relationship official. This is a great option if he’s already a super sentimental guy!
  • If he’s a coffee enthusiast, get an engraved spoon to stir his creamer that says “Will You Marry Me?”. Or you can paint a mug to say “Will You Marry Me?” at the bottom of the inside so that when he finishes his coffee, he will see the message.


  • If he’s a gamer, put his ring in a ring box and create a print-out to tape inside that reads, “Be my player two?” Place “Player Two – Press Start” above or below his ring. Bonus points if you use a video game style font.

Once you’ve planned how you want to propose, write out a short speech on why you want to marry him. You don’t have to read directly from the speech when you propose – it’s just easier for you and more romantic when you have a clear idea of what to say.

Make sure to include the actual words, “Will You Marry Me?” He may be too stunned by what’s going on to realize he is being proposed to, and you don’t want any kind of miscommunication.

Finding the Perfect Ring

Since there aren’t engagement rings that are specifically crafted for men, you have the freedom to buy any kind of ring that you want.

When purchasing a ring for your boyfriend, make sure to take his personal style and lifestyle into consideration. If he has a job or hobby that involves manual labor, you should invest in a gold or platinum ring that can be repolished to restore its original appearance. If he has a simple wardrobe, a simple band will do. If he’s fashion-forward, you can opt for a more elaborate ring, for example, a diamond inlay or two-toned ring.

Finding his ring size may be tricky if he doesn’t already own any rings. Try to enlist a friend or a family member to sneakily determine his ring size, or try casually sliding it into a conversation yourself. You can also find a friend with a similarly sized hand to use as a reference. Rings can always be resized, so try to not stress over his ring size too much.

But what will he think?

The most important thing to remember when asking your boyfriend to become your husband is to be confident. The thought of proposing is nerve-wracking for anybody, men and women included, but hopefully you’ve already discussed what you want for your future together.

If you haven’t discussed it, you probably should before proposing. If you already know he wants to marry you someday, there is no reason to be nervous. If your relationship is based on equality, he shouldn’t feel off-put by you asking his hand in marriage first.

It’s also important to remember that you’re not alone. There are plenty of amazing women who’ve been here before. Here are 9 Celebrity Women Who Proposed to Their Husbands.

The day you ask him to marry you will be a day you’ll remember forever. Have fun with it and enjoy this special part of your lives!

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