What to Ask During Your Free In-Store Preview

ritani free in-store preview

Something that truly sets Ritani apart from all other jewelers – both online and brick-and-mortar – is the free in-store preview. With this unique service, you can see and touch a ring, loose diamond, or a piece from our Designer Collections at any of our local jeweler partners, located all over the United States. The process is meant to be stress-free and obligation-free. The preview comes at no cost to you, and you have the option to walk away at any time if the ring is not exactly what you want.

Treat it like a test drive at a car dealership. It is a great opportunity to ask a jeweler any questions you might have, comparison shop with other products in person, and “kick the tires” (so to speak) and examine what you ordered. We have created a list of helpful things to ask your jeweler during a free in-store preview, or any kind of jewelry consultation.

If You Reserved a Loose Diamond

Ask to see the some of the jeweler’s tools and testers.

diamond loupe

Every reputable jeweler will have a set of tools that are used to test and compare diamond quality. You can examine the diamond up close with the jeweler’s 10x loupe, or use an electric scale to confirm carat weight. For more in-depth testing, you can ask if the jeweler has a UV light to check your diamond’s fluorescence. Many jewelers will even have tools to test a diamond’s color, such as a master set of color testers for comparison or a special gemologist’s lightbox. I don’t recommend testing your diamond for color if it is already set in a ring, because the metal’s reflection will definitely affect the color.

Ask to see the diamond’s grading report.

Each diamond that we sell comes with its own certification and grading report from the GIA or AGSL. These are reputable third-party agencies that evaluate loose diamonds for authenticity and quality. It is always a good idea to double-check your stone’s certification documents.

Look at diamonds in different sizes.

When you’re shopping for a diamond online, it can be difficult to visualize exactly how large or small different carat weights look in person. If the jeweler you visit also sells loose diamonds, you should ask to see some diamonds in a range of similar sizes. You may be surprised to see the difference a quarter or half carat can make to a diamond’s appearance. Compare the increase in price to the increase in size, and decide if a change in diamond carat weight makes sense for your budget.

If You Reserved an Engagement Ring

If your partner is with you, ask if they can try on the ring.

Free in-store preview by Ritani

Knowing how an engagement ring looks on the finger can make a world of difference. It gives you a sense of how large the diamond looks on the hand, and how the ring sits on the finger. If your partner has an active lifestyle, it is usually best to look for low-profile engagement rings, which are rings that sit lower on the finger. Trying on the ring will give you both a better idea of how high the ring is positioned, and whether your partner will be at risk for snagging it or banging it against things.

Having your partner try on the custom ring is also great for confirming or fixing ring size. You will be able to see if the ring fits a tad too tightly, too loose, or just right. If the ring size is only off by a small margin, you can even have it re-sized in the store. Even if your partner is not with you, you can ask the jeweler to use their sizing wand. A wand is a bit more sophisticated than typical ring sizing tools; use it to re-confirm size and to figure out if any adjustments are needed.

If your partner is not with you, ask if you can take photos.

This is a smart idea whether or not you have decided to keep the ring and proposal a surprise. If you are keeping everything a surprise for your significant other, take photos to send to trustworthy friends and family for extra opinions and advice on the ring. If not, ask your partner’s opinion on the ring; is it exactly what they envisioned, or are they leaning toward something different now?

A free in-store preview is an excellent opportunity to see how your diamond engagement ring sparkles in natural light. If the jewelry store staff consents, you should take the ring outside for a little while. This way you can see and take photos of how the diamond sparkles in the sun. Definitely ask the jeweler if you can do this first. Jewelry store staff and security will be less than pleased if you take a diamond or engagement ring out of the store without permission!

Look at similar ring styles.

square engagement ring halo split shank

If you are previewing a custom engagement ring that you designed, consider the diamond and ring setting both separately and as a unit. Ask your jeweler to see engagement rings that feature the same center diamond cut, but a totally different setting. Does your diamond shape make more sense in another setting, or does it fit well in the style you chose? Next try the reverse, and look at rings that have the same setting style with different center diamond shapes.

Have you taken advantage of a free in-store preview? How was your experience? Are there any questions you wanted to ask your jeweler, but didn’t? Feel free to share your thoughts and any further questions in the comments below!