Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings

Image by Goncalo in Paris for Flytographer.

Buying an engagement ring is an important life decision. It symbolizes that you’re ready to make a lifelong commitment to your partner. You want to find the perfect ring, created with the same level of passion and care that fuels your love for each other. To find a diamond that reflects the brilliance of your love, explore Ritani’s hand-curated diamond selection, or read on for more ways to shop.

Shopping Online

There are many benefits to shopping for an engagement ring online. One of the greatest advantages is the ease with which you can compare diamonds and rings from multiple retailers. Another huge advantage is the number of diamonds that many high-end online retailers have to offer. For example, Ritani has more than 80,000 loose diamonds in stock, ranging in size from 0.16 carats to more than 25 carats. Each of Ritani’s diamonds is certified and selected by a master gemologist for its beauty and brilliance.

You can also browse through the various engagement ring styles and collections, and educate yourself about each style at your leisure.

Shopping In Person

Independent brick-and-mortar jewelry stores typically offer smaller, more highly curated selections of rings, diamonds and specialty gemstones. The most obvious benefit of walking into a store is that you can see different diamonds and rings with your own eyes, try things on and get a feel for the differences between them. If you are a first-time diamond purchaser, it’s smart to go into a store and ask to compare various sizes and qualities of diamonds before you make a final decision. In addition to the shopping experience, a retail store can provide cleanings and repairs to your ring, whether or not you purchased it there.

You can also visit a jewelry trade show such as JKC — be prepared to see some seriously stunning jewelry if you do this.

Choose Online, View In Store

Ritani’s free in-store preview program allows you to combine the best parts of shopping online and in person. Browse our diamond inventory online and choose the ring design you love. Then, we’ll ship the engagement ring to a participating store near you, where you can see it, try it on and get advice from experienced jewelers. This is with no obligation to purchase – we want to ensure you get the ideal ring no matter what.

Talk To The Diamond Experts

The many qualities that make up a brilliant diamond can be overwhelming. While we encourage you to read about them in your own time, you can also get immediate expert guidance from impartial gemologists. Ritani’s noncommissioned virtual gemologists will show you how each diamond is different, using HD imagery and magnification. They will help you select the right diamond, for free.

Consider A Custom Design

Explore Ritani’s exclusive Design Your Own Ring feature. Choose from thousands of ring style combinations to create an engagement ring that’s as unique as your partner. You can talk to our ring designers as you use the feature; they’ll offer you personalized advice and answer any questions you have about the designs. Once you’ve completed your ring design, you can order a rendered image of how your ring will realistically look. And from there, our master craftsmen will build your ideal ring.

The Ritani Difference

Good value, a gorgeous diamond, a style that reflects your partner’s tastes and fits her comfortably — you should be satisfied with each of these elements before you choose to purchase. Ritani offers all of these, because we want to help you get this momentous purchase right. Contact us today to begin a free consultation.