Understanding The Center Diamond: Engagement Ring Shapes

If you opt for a diamond engagement ring, then the diamond itself will be the centerpiece of your ring. Understand your options, and see how different diamond shapes affect the look and feel of your engagement ring.


Round Diamond Rings

Truly timeless, the round diamond engagement ring is the most popular by a wide margin. It is easy to see why: the brilliant facet pattern is designed to produce maximum sparkle, while the smooth curves form an iconic silhouette. The round shape is the first of the modern diamond shapes, gaining popularity from the 1920s onwards.

Set the round diamond in a solitaire ring for a simple, elegant look, or pair with a modern halo ring for the ultimate brilliance.

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Princess Diamond Rings

A blend of classic brilliance and contemporary angles, the princess diamond is a very popular choice for engagement rings. Developed in the 1980s, its square silhouette appeals to those who like a chic, sparkling look. Princess shaped diamonds suit a variety of ring styles, from the solitaire to the vintage halo.

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Cushion Diamond Rings

A stunning hybrid of antique diamond shapes, the cushion shaped diamond is an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. Its romantic appearance attracts those who are looking for a distinctively vintage ring. Cushion shaped diamonds are popular choices for halo engagement rings, combining beautiful radiance with old world glamor.

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Emerald Diamond Rings

With its large table and distinctive step cut pavilion, the emerald shaped diamond is inspired by its namesake gemstone. Cut with fewer facets than round and princess diamonds, the emerald shape emphasizes a diamond’s clarity. Its length flatters the finger, and the shape is suitable for a variety of ring styles.

Pair with a diamond band for a particularly stunning combination.

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Radiant Diamond Rings

The radiant shaped diamond is a delightful blend of the round and emerald diamond shapes. A brilliant facet pattern delivers scintillating fire, while its rectangular or square shape creates a distinctive engagement ring style.

Radiant diamonds look most stunning when set in pave or micropavé bands, which bring out the full glittering potential of your dream engagement ring.

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Oval Diamond Rings

A flattering choice for engagement rings, the oval shaped diamond is known for its distinctive brilliance. An oval diamond has sparkle similar to the popular round diamond, yet is sought after for its more rare silhouette.

While the oval diamond was developed relatively recently — in the early 1960s — it elicits a soft and vintage charm. A pavé halo setting is a stunning way to enhance this diamond shape.

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Pear Diamond Rings

A whimsical, romantic design, the pear shaped diamond combines elegant curves with eye-catching angles. Its brilliant 58 facets ensure remarkable sparkle, while its length makes it a flattering choice for an engagement ring.

A very old cut that has been modified over the years, the first pear shaped diamond was produced in 1458. Since then, its brilliance has been refined and intensified, with stunning results. For such an unusual shape, the pear-shaped diamond has wonderful versatility.

Whether you prefer a solitaire or a halo setting, a pear shaped engagement ring is a superbly stylish choice.

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Asscher Diamond Rings

With a distinctive X shape and cropped corners, the Asscher diamond is very different from the classic round diamond shape. While its square outline is similar to the princess cut, the distinction becomes clear when examined closer. Rather than a brilliant facet pattern — which produces lots of sparkle — the Asscher’s step-cut facets and large table focus on clarity and symmetry.

Be sure to select a high clarity grade diamond if you choose an Asscher engagement ring.

Solitaire settings are popular since they showcase the Asscher’s mesmerizing beauty with simple elegance. A micropavé diamond band will subtly complement the distinctive Asscher shape while increasing the ring’s sparkle.

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Marquise Diamond Rings

King Louis XIV commissioned a new diamond shape for the Marquise de Pompadour, the woman he loved. Designed to be reminiscent of her beautiful smile, its curved lines and elongated silhouette are intriguingly elegant. Because of this history, the marquise has particularly romantic connotations.

The marquise diamond flatters the ring finger and sparkles brilliantly. With a facet pattern designed to reflect lots of light, its elongated shape gives a higher size per carat weight than any other diamond shape. This makes a marquise engagement ring a wise choice for those wanting to make an unforgettable style statement. Marquise diamonds look stunning set in a vintage halo.

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Heart Diamond Rings

Iconic, romantic and cut for brilliance, heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are an on-trend way to celebrate your love. Revered for centuries yet coming to prominence in recent decades, the heart-shaped diamond has a brilliant facet pattern and a stunningly symmetrical silhouette. Whether set in a solitaire, halo or classic engagement ring design, a heart-shaped diamond is sure to leave her speechless.

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