FAQ: What is an Asscher cut engagement ring?

Asscher cut engagement rings are rings set with an Asscher diamond. The diamond shape is named after the Asscher brothers who developed the cut in Holland, in 1902. A variant on the Emerald cut, the diamonds are recognized for their distinct X shape, which can be viewed when looking down at the diamond’s table. The table is the top of the diamond, which is the most visible part once set in a ring.

With the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond and 72 wide step facets – to resemble an octagon – the Asscher has a deep appeal due to its complexity and stunning beauty. An increasingly sought after style, the Asscher is desirable to those who want something a little different, but are also looking for a heritage of fine craftsmanship. Several celebrities have worn Asscher cut rings including Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba; this further increases their popularity and luxurious charm.

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