What is a Virtual Gemologist diamond consultation?

Ritani Virtual Gemologist appointments are a great way to get unbiased, obligation free information and advice when looking for your perfect diamond.

Buying a diamond is a daunting enough process, but finding the right diamond can seem an impossible task when faced with tens of thousands of options online. Most people can get a good grasp of the general concepts behind the 4C’s from looking at almost any diamond website, but making all that ‘diamond-talk’ translate into information relevant to you can be a challenge. Fortunately, Ritani’s certified gemologists are here to help!

With extensive experience and an education-based attitude, customers find our Virtual Gemologist appointments to be a great way to clear up all the jargon, by getting right down to what they really want from their diamond and their budget.

Customers can select up to 4 diamonds from Ritani’s diamond inventory and submit an analysis request. Because Ritani has a live diamond feed that is continuously updating and changing, it’s a great idea to add the diamonds you are considering to your favorites. This allows your Ritani gemologist to easily see the diamonds you are interested in. They can then provide other options, in the unfortunate event of one of yours being purchased by someone else before you submit your consultation request.

virtual gemologist

Once you’ve selected your diamonds for a Virtual Gemologist consultation, they are submitted for availability and photography, as well as being reserved specifically for you. This hold is generally for around 48 hours, but special accommodations can be made to extend this by another 48 hours if necessary.

One of Ritani‘s gemologists will reach out to schedule the best time to discuss your choices and perhaps to suggest other options, if they feel something else will be of better value.

During the consultation, the Ritani gemologist will be able to show actual imagery of the selected diamonds, side by side. This is really useful when comparing two diamonds of the same grade, with different price points. They’ll be able to point out any characteristics of the diamonds that may impact the pricing differences – for example, the location of the clarity characteristics or cutting variations.

The images will be at 20x magnification, so it is important to remember that many of the clarity characteristics that may be visible here will not in fact be visible to the naked eye. Some of our diamonds will also have 50x magnification available, which can give a really in-depth look at the clarity and facet arrangement.

Are you interested in a free consultation with a Virtual Gemologist? Do you think this feature would help you find the right diamond?