Virtual Gemologists

We’re available to help you at any time. Please do not hesitate to call or chat with one of our customer service representatives. Here are some of our most popular questions.

Do I need to prepare for a consultation?
No. After you sign up the Ritani Gemologist will receive a list of the diamonds you are considering as well as any questions you provided through the course of sign up. They’ll be ready to address any and all questions you have during your consultation.

What happens during my consultation?
A non-commissioned Ritani gemologist will review each diamond with you providing enhanced views and rich details. The gemologist can help you decide which diamond to buy or recommend an entirely different diamond depending on what matters to you.

Do I need to be a diamond expert to talk with a gemologist?
Absolutely not. Ritani Gemologists are here to help you find the right diamond whether you’re new to the Four Cs or immersed in the details.

How many diamonds can I have the gemologist review with me?
The limit is 4 diamonds per consultation.

How long will it take to schedule a consultation?
Most virtual gemologist sessions happen 24-48 business hours after the request has been made.

What if I need to reschedule?
No problem at all. Just call customer service at 1-888-202-0804.

How are you able to view the actual diamonds?
We have access to all of our diamonds and use state-of-the-art imagery to highlight the differences between each diamond you select.