July Birthstone Facts: Discover the Ruby

ruby - the july birthstone

The ruby is one of the four most recognized precious stones (the others are sapphire, emerald, and diamond) and is instantly recognizable thanks to its red hue. The ruby’s magnetic color has been captivating jewelry lovers as far back as biblical times. From its rich history to immense value, discover why the July birthstone is one of the most sought-after precious stones to date.

1. A Rich History

Ring with a ruby surrounded by diamonds

The history of the ruby is as exciting as the gemstone itself. According to the Bible, the ruby is a symbol for beauty and wisdom. Indian folklore says royalty would gift rubies to their enemies in order to keep the peace. Jewelers in the Victorian-era were known to combine garnets with a pinkish, red glass in order to simulate the luxurious look of a real ruby and sold as less-expensive jewelry to those who couldn’t afford the real stone.

Did You Know Fact #1: Elizabeth Taylor loved rubies! In fact, an 8.24 carat ruby belonging to her was sold at auction for $4.2 million in 2011.

2. What Is A Ruby?

Ruby ring with platinum and diamond border
Rubies initially start out as the element corundum. However, corundum by itself is typically classified as a type of sapphire. However, when a hint of the element chromium mixes with the corundum, the magnificent ruby is created.

In the past, rubies were primarily mined in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Today, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia are the primary producers of this precious stone.

3. Most Expensive Ruby Ever Sold

the stunning Sunrise Ruby

The Burmese Sunrise Ruby reigns as the most expensive ruby sold to date. This jaw-dropping jewel sold at a staggering $30.3MM, making it the most expensive per-carat ruby ever sold.

The 25.59-carat blood red stone was especially sought-after due to the hints of blue that makes it a rare, “pigeon’s blood” color.

Did You Know Fact #2: The Sunrise Ruby shattered the previous record of $8.6 million held by the Graff Ruby for most expensive ruby ever sold.

4. The Value of a Ruby

Ring lined in rubies with white gold border

The value of the ruby is measured by its trademark color. The deeper the shade of red, the more precious and expensive the ruby is considered.

However, similar to diamonds, the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat) are also considered when pricing a ruby. Each ruby is assigned a gemological certification that qualifies its characteristics.

Did You Know Fact #3: In Buddhism, the ruby is considered to be a sacred gemstone and is frequently referred to as “tears of Buddha”.

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