What is the meaning of May’s birthstone?

may's birthstone

Emeralds are widely prized for their intense green color. Associated since the times of Ancient Greece with luck, good fortune and youth, they are a symbol of rebirth. For those born in the month of May, an emerald set in jewelry can be a very meaningful gift.

Today, these gemstones are most often mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia. Found with a variety of greenish hues, their tones can range from very light to vivid. Typically, the brighter the color, the more valuable the gemstone is. However, this also depends on whether there are any noticeable blemishes within the stone, and – of course – its size.

Just as an engagement ring with an emerald center-stone may be ideal for someone born in May, we suggest considering emerald-cut diamonds as a stunning alternative. Named after the gemstone’s uniquely faceted shape, emerald-cut diamonds have a rectangular appearance that elegantly flatters the finger.

emerald may's birthstone

Unlike round brilliant diamonds, emerald-cuts bring an emphasis to the stone’s clarity, rather than its sparkle. The emerald shape has a large table that opens up the stone to the light, with step-cut facets on its sides. This means that a higher clarity grade is strongly advisable when selecting your fancy-shaped diamond. Imperfections, especially towards the center of the diamond, will be significantly more visible than in a round or princess-cut pattern.

With its vintage, art deco appeal, the emerald-cut is suited to a variety of classic engagement ring settings. From French-set bands to an ornate halo, styles that incorporate smaller diamonds (called pavé diamonds) bring a greater sparkle to the ring.

Do you love the idea of wearing an engagement ring that incorporates your birthstone? Do you prefer the colorful look of emeralds, or their diamond namesake? Let us know in the comments!