New Classics: Modern Pearl Bracelets To Love

The classic pearl bracelet has been given an edgy makeover. Pearls are still prized for their gorgeous natural luster and iridescence, but the conservative, overly traditional connotations they once had have been turned on their heads. Here are five modern pearl bracelets that blend the classic appeal of real pearls with bold and exciting silhouettes.

tahitian pearl and diamond cuff

Negative spacing and the deep iridescence of Tahitian pearls bring futuristic qualities to this pearl bracelet. Two cuffs fused together have a symmetrical harmony, while round bezel-set diamonds add a crisp, sparkling finish. If you’re someone who has never worn pearls before because of their ‘stuffy’ connotations, a modern and distinctive statement piece like this might change your mind.

freshwater pearl open cuff

The warm metal tones and cool luster of Freshwater pearls in this cuff are a luxurious juxtaposition. Organic curves in the band and the naturally formed pearls create a fluid piece that feels at once new and ancient. Subtle diamond detailing as gold meets pearl is a touch of glamour that reflects the opposing qualities and shades.

trio pearl cuff bracelet

With three varieties of cultured pearl and three precious metals, this pearl wrap bracelet is a true statement piece. Golden South Sea pearls are complemented by the romantic tones of 18kt rose gold, while the dark depth of Tahitian cultured pearls is juxtaposed with 18kt white gold. Classic Freshwater pearls are met with yellow gold, for a new take on a traditional combination.

tahitian pearl and diamond bracelet

A conventional pearl bracelet silhouette is updated with dramatic Tahitian cultured pearls with excellent uniformity and breathtaking luster. Over two carats of pavé diamonds adorn 18kt white gold orbs, strung on silk and draped elegantly on the wrist. Tahitian pearls bring a striking flair to an elegant piece of fine jewelry.

Which modern pearl bracelet is your favorite? Explore more of Ritani’s new pearl jewelry collection, or learn about the different varieties of cultured pearls.