Ritani ruby jewelry

ruby diamond three-stone ring

Rich rubies in ornate diamond halos inspire Ritani’s latest collection. Contrasting with the brilliant sparkle of diamonds, their majestic red hue is reflected in their ancient name ‘the king of gems’. Set in classic 18kt yellow gold, they have a luxurious sophistication. A three-stone ring symbolizes the past, present, and future – all that life has to offer.

ruby and platinum ring

Set in a platinum halo, cradled by french-set diamonds, a ruby is seen in a different light. Its warm depths are emphasized by the crisp clarity of Ritani diamonds, closely set for an orb of brilliance. Platinum brings a lasting, yet contemporary, quality.

ruby stud earrings

Ruby and diamond stud earrings bring glamour to any look. Traditional yellow gold adds to their richness, while round pavé diamonds reflect the light to catch the eye.

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