Discover the August Birthstone: Peridot

As the chosen gemstone for 16th wedding anniversaries and August birthdays, the perfect Peridot has had a long journey to come to life. Discover the amazing beginnings of the Peridot … and the surprising places it has been found.

Trend-spotters are forecasting that gemstone jewelry is going to be big this season. Peridot jewelry is a favorite of those who want their gemstones to have a rich history and deep symbolism. With its unusual green color, the Peridot is a gemstone worthy of its reputation.

Amazing Beginnings
While many gemstones come from the crust of the earth, the Peridot comes from someplace much deeper. Embedded deep within the mantle of the earth, the Peridot is born from crystals that form in magma. The only way Peridot can get closer to the surface of the upper mantle is through tectonic or volcanic activity. Pushed by these amazing natural forces, Peridot is thrust into extrusive igneous rocks.

Traces of Peridot have been reportedly found in pieces of fallen meteorites which brings up the possibility of Peridot also occurring naturally on different planets.

While all Peridot gems are technically green, they range in hue from deep brownish-green to bright lime-green to almost gold. The gem is thought to be named for its rarer gold-hued specimens — the term “Peridot” stems from the French word “peritot” which means “gold.” And although it can even appear to have two different colors under certain light, the Peridot is the only gemstone that is green from its inception.

The Continuing Legacy of Peridot
Ancient Egyptians called the Peridot the ”gem of the sun,” and adopted it as their national gem. Cleopatra was said to be a fan of Peridot jewelry and included it in her expansive jewelry collection. Because of its devoted Egyptian following, Peridot continues to be the national gem of Egypt.

Thought of as spiritual stone, Egyptian priests would crush Peridot into powder and brew a ceremonial tea that was a part of religious ceremonies. Other cultures believe that Peridot jewelry brings good luck, can keep evil spirits at bay and stop nightmares before they start.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, Hawaiians believed Peridot to be the “hardened tears” of Pele, the ancient goddess known for fire, lightning and volcanoes and ultimately the creator of the Hawaiian islands.

The Power of the Peridot
The famous green color of the Peridot is said to align with the heart chakra that pulls in and accumulates unconditional love, forgiveness and trust. Because of these “heart ties,” Peridot is a symbolic and meaningful engagement ring stone alternative.

It is also said that if you wear Peridot rings you’ll have increased self-confidence, it will help you be more assertive and it “has a soothing effect on nerves.”

Peridot Rings and Jewelry
Peridot rings, bracelets and earrings are an easy way to bring a splash of color to your jewelry wardrobe. Wrapped in diamonds or left to shine its own, the gorgeous green Peridot is an eye-catching accent.

The largest Peridot is just over 100 carats and is currently on display at the Smithsonian.

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