2015 Wedding Ring Trends

Curious about 2015 wedding ring trends? From revived vintage designs to new favorites, these wedding band styles will be the most popular in the coming months.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings


rose gold wedding ring

While white metals such as white gold and platinum have been firm favorites for wedding bands in recent decades, yellow gold and rose gold are now becoming more popular. Contrasting dramatically with the classic brilliance of diamonds, the warmer tones in these metals bring a refreshingly traditional feel to your bridal look. If your engagement ring is in white gold, don’t let that stop you choosing a different metal; the juxtaposition has an endearingly eclectic quality. A rose gold wedding band has a true romantic quality.

Eternity Bands As Wedding Rings

2015 wedding rings eternity band

Eternity bands are now a popular alternative to traditional wedding rings. With diamonds running along the full length of the outer edge, these styles look absolutely extraordinary. With a variety of diamond shapes, precious metals and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to find a unique design that suits you perfectly.

Stackable Wedding Rings


ruby 2015 wedding ring trends

An increasingly sought after look, bridal stacks are a dazzling alternative to traditional engagement rings and wedding bands. Slim diamond and gemstone rings, stacked together on the finger in different combinations and precious metal settings, allow each individual to carve out their own style. Each ring can be selected to celebrate precious moments, such as anniversaries and the births of children. Birthstones and certain diamond shapes are often chosen as personal symbols that represent the particular relationship.

Cobalt Men’s Wedding Rings


2015 wedding ring trends cobalt men's

Cobalt wedding bands for men are set to be very popular in 2014. More affordable than other white metals, it has that classic look with a durable strength. With a blackened matte chrome finish, this is a distinctive alternative to traditional jewelry.

Rustic Men’s Wedding Rings


forged wedding ring 2015 trends

Standing out from the classic smooth and satin finishes, forged men’s wedding bands with a rustic hammered feel are going to be popular in 2015. While every Ritani ring is handmade in New York, these styles have a striking artisan appeal that resonates.

Which 2015 wedding band trend are you most looking forward to seeing? Have you noticed any other growing trends in wedding jewelry not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!