2016 Wedding Ring Trends

With 2015 coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead at next year’s wedding ring trends. Some are an evolution of sought after styles over the past few years, while others are chic new twists that bring a fresh meaning to bridal jewelry. Let us know which is your favorite, in the comments below.

Fancy Cut Eternity Bands

fancy cut eternity bands

Princess, asscher-cut and emerald-cut diamonds are all increasingly popular choices for setting in diamond eternity rings. Eternity bands – named for the complete row of diamonds that encircle the finger – represent infinite devotion.

Any diamond shape besides round is considered a fancy cut. Square and rectangular shapes, such as princess and asschers bring a seamless brilliance to eternity rings, perfectly fitting together in an endless circle of sparkle.

Gemstone Wedding Rings

ruby wedding ring

Increasing interest in engagement rings with gemstone accents has had a domino effect to gemstone wedding rings. Whether set with blue sapphires, red rubies or other rare gems, a colorful gemstone wedding band is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your classic diamond ring.

Vintage-Inspired Braided Wedding Bands

braided wedding ring

Delicate details bring a vintage elegance to otherwise classic wedding band designs. Braided sides and milgrain finishes add textures that shine as the light hits them, for subtle twists on popular styles. Opting for one of these more distinctive wedding bands can instantly add another element of interest to the engagement ring you already wear and love.

Rose Gold & Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

rose gold wedding ring

While matching bridal sets continue to be popular, more and more brides are opting for a wedding ring in a different metal from their engagement ring. This lends a unique, intriguing look to their ring finger, emphasizing the design and qualities of both engagement ring and wedding band.

Since most engagement rings are currently set in white gold or platinum, a growing number of customers are choosing yellow gold or rose gold wedding rings. Romantic, glowing, and bringing exquisite contrast to each diamond, the effect is breathtaking.

Men’s Cobalt Wedding Bands

cobalt wedding band

Affordable, elegant and scratch-resistant: it’s easy to see why cobalt is quickly becoming the most popular metal choice for men’s wedding bands. Whether with a black finish or a more traditional ‘silver’ appearance, cobalt men’s bands have a lightweight feel that suits people who are not currently used to wearing jewelry.

Which of these 2016 wedding ring trends are you most intrigued by? Shop our selection of handcrafted wedding rings now.