How to choose a men’s wedding band

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While simpler than engagement rings, wedding bands for men are offered in a range of metals, styles and finishes. Although it’s not essential to get the right size at first – resizing services are often complimentary – you will still want to select a design that’s ideal for your lifestyle and tastes.

You probably already have an idea of which metal is right for you. Yellow gold is a traditional yet timeless choice, while white metals have a more contemporary feel. Palladium and platinum are hypoallergenic, appealing to those with sensitive skin. Palladium is lightweight, making it a wise choice for those who are not used to wearing jewelry.

men's wedding bands styles

Different finishes bring stylish elements to your band. A forged ring with a polished edge has an artisan, rustic feel. A satin finish has a smooth, classic appearance. Selecting a comfort-fit with a rounded inner edge increases your ring’s security on the finger. This is important for everyday wear.

coin edge sectioned men's wedding bands

 Coin-edge detailing adds a vintage aspect to your ring, appealing to those who appreciate traditional design. A sectioned band, on the other hand, brings a thoroughly modern feel. These are the subtle ways in which your wedding band can express a little of your personal tastes and sense of style.

Do you know which kind of men’s wedding band is right for you?