Diamond wedding rings for men: A brilliant trend

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we prefer not to discriminate. Diamonds are for men too! Wedding bands with diamonds provide that extra special look that many people want from a meaningful piece of jewelry. By subtly adorning the sides of the band, these diamonds bring a modern edge to the timeless tradition.

diamond wedding bands for men

Five bezel-set diamonds securely rest in the side of this ring’s band. Connected by a slim groove that runs its circumference, the effect is eye-catching, yet classic. A bezel setting – where the diamond is completely encircled and level to the metal – is the most protective way to include diamonds in jewelry. Bezel-set stones are unlikely to be damaged through wear and tear, making this a great option for those with active lifestyles. The ring is available in a variety of metals, from traditional yellow gold, to the more contemporary choices of cobalt and platinum.

diamond wedding bands for men

Ten round diamonds contrast brilliantly with the smooth satin-finish of this ring. Polished edges add further shine, while geometric angles border the stones for a bold, contemporary look. All of the diamonds have a minimum color grade of H (near-colorless), suitable for both yellow gold and white metal settings. Palladium is a wise choice if the wearer is not used to jewelry, since it is so light. Alternatively, opt for hypoallergenic platinum, to suit those with skin sensitivities.

What do you think of the diamond wedding rings for men trend? Do you prefer the bezel-set style, or the double diamond design? Let us know in the comments!