Five extraordinary diamond eternity bands

Diamond eternity bands are a stunning and significant way to express your undying affection. Completely encircling the outer edge of the ring, the eternal row of diamonds symbolizes everlasting love and devotion. They can be worn as an alternative to traditional womens engagement rings, as a matching wedding band, or as an anniversary gift. Many couples choose to wear them after vow renewal ceremonies, too.

Here are five extraordinary diamond eternity bands to celebrate your relationship.

ritani round diamond eternity band

Round-cut diamonds typically exhibit the most sparkle of any diamond shape. Securely prong-set for an infinite row of brilliance, this classic eternity band delivers extraordinary sparkle for all the years ahead.

open micropave diamond eternity band

With its open design, this micropavé diamond eternity band exhibits brilliance from all angles. Closely set together with tiny pieces of metal between each diamond, the paved effect creates endless sparkle that is truly captivating.

classic micropave eternity ring

While also set with micropavé diamonds, this eternity band has a slightly different style. The metal securely holds the diamonds along both edges, for a sleek finish that still produces lots of scintillation.

asscher-cut diamond eternity band

Asscher-cut diamonds bring a very different look to the classic round brilliant shape. These diamonds have large, open tables that emphasize clarity over sparkle, for a vintage-inspired, distinctive eternity ring. Their square shape allows each stone to rest closely with the next, for a seamless design.

ritani emerald-cut diamond eternity band

Similar to the asscher-cut, but with a lengthened silhouette, the emerald-cut diamond brings its own striking beauty to this eternity band. Again, their symmetrical square shape allows them to sit very closely along the band, for a diamond ring that is fitting to represent your love.

Which of these diamond eternity bands is your favorite? Do you favor the classic sparkle of round diamonds, or does the vintage look of asscher and emerald-cut diamonds appeal? Let us know in the comments!