Popular wedding ring trends in 2014

wedding ring trends 2014

We know which engagement ring styles are trending this year, but what about the wedding bands to match? Traditionally seen as the more understated of the two, wedding and eternity bands have recently been winning more of the limelight. These styles are becoming increasingly popular with those wanting something a little more different than the classic plain band.

Fancy Diamond Cuts

Round brilliant center diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings. However, when it comes to wedding bands and eternity bands, people are beginning to branch out a bit more. An emerald or asscher-cut eternity band pairs stunningly with a solitaire or French-set engagement ring, by adding eye-catching step facets and iconic tables to classic sparkle.

wedding ring trends

Mixed Metals

You love your engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself to a wedding band in the same metal. More people are considering palladium and platinum as alternatives to white gold, with a similar appearance. For a real style statement, opt for yellow gold. This brings another intriguing twist to your unique bridal set.

Gemstone Bands

Perhaps you were proposed to with a sapphire engagement ring. The deep blue gemstone has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, thanks to a certain Duchess. You might want to eschew diamonds entirely, and opt for a blue sapphire band – for even more vivid color.

Even if you have a very classic engagement ring style, with a colorless center diamond or ornate halo, a gemstone wedding band can be a distinctive choice that balances out the look.

wedding ring trends 2014

Stackable Bands

Stackable rings have become a key jewelry trend recently – but who’s to say you can’t apply it to your bridal set too? More people are opting for a bridal stack, with which they can switch out rings each day for a slightly different effect. Whether you prefer romantic rubies, sunny yellow sapphires or chic black diamonds, you can mix and match to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Vintage Details

A milgrain finish, or a delicately braided band, can be just the touch to give a vintage twist to your solitaire engagement ring. Understandably, many choose to propose with a solitaire ring style. It’s timeless, suits everyone – and so is a safe bet when buying for someone else. A wedding band, however, is often your own choice. Opting for a ring with subtly stylish elements allows you to wear an extraordinary bridal set that still seems traditional.

Which is your favorite new wedding band trend? Are you looking for a traditional style, or a ring that feels more contemporary?