10 Wedding Invitation Trends You’ll Love


The first part of your wedding that guests experience is your save the date, followed by the formal invitation. Your invitations set the tone for the entire day, so you’ll want to make sure they match the style, formality, and color scheme of your wedding. If you’re having trouble deciding on what stationery is right for your wedding, talk to a wedding planner. They’ll guide you in the right direction. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a wedding planner, read our blog post here.

Luckily, wedding invitations are easy to order online. Some popular websites for wedding invitations are Minted, Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Zazzle. They’re affordable and full of beautiful designs.

Here are some trending wedding invitation styles that you’ll love.

1. Watercolor


Watercolor invitations are perfect for a beach wedding or a wedding with a free-spirited, dreamy theme. These unique invitations are fitting for an artistic couple.

2. Patterned envelope liners



Patterned envelope liners are great for any wedding theme. They add pops of color to your invitations and they’re a fun surprise when your guests open the envelope.

3. Wax Seals


This old-school touch will look beautiful on your invitations. Wax seals are great for a formal or rustic themed wedding. You can buy self-adhesive seals online or DIY.

4. Calligraphy


Calligraphy adds an elegant look to your wedding invitations. This style of invitation is great for a formal wedding. However, calligraphy can sometimes be hard to read depending on how well it’s done, so choose your calligraphed stationery wisely.

5. Maps


Map invitations are a great way to introduce guests from out of town to the area. They are a unique and memorable way to invite guests to your wedding. You can include the location of your wedding and reception on the map as well as any other places that are important to you and your future spouse for a personal touch.

6. Modern



Minimalism is in right now. A modern-style invitation is one that is full of carefully designated white space. These invitations are perfect for a less formal affair or one in a non-traditional venue like an art gallery.

7. Metallic details



The resemblance of precious metals will add an elegant feel to your stationery. The metallics will also brighten up the invitation, making it more exciting. Rose gold is currently trending, so you may want to consider including it in your stationery.

8. Vellum paper


Vellum invitations are easy to DIY with your home printer, making them an affordable wedding invitation option. The dreamy look of vellum makes it perfect for your special day. The only disadvantage to vellum is that without a backdrop, they may be difficult for guests to read.

9. Geometric designs


Who doesn’t love the look of clean lines? Geometric designs are perfect for a less upscale wedding, especially one at a non-traditional venue.

10. Deckle edge


Deckle edge paper has a rough, uncut edge. These antique-style invitations are perfect for a rustic wedding.

With all of these beautiful stationery styles to choose from, you’ll probably want to keep yours for years to come.

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