Wedding Registry Tips: The Home Bar

If you’re getting married, you’ve probably already begun to create a detailed registry. You’ve added silverware to your registry. You’ve added bedding. You’ve added that espresso machine you’ve always wanted.

But what else is missing?

Barware. And some quality wine & spirits. No home is complete without these entertaining essentials. Creating the perfect bar to store your spirits is one of the greatest things about adulting, beyond getting married and buying your first home. It’s important to get it right too. After all, your bar will be your place of solace after a long day of work or your trip to the in-laws’ as well as the center of celebrations and the epic parties you’ll throw together as a couple.

So how do you register for what you really want? Last we checked, Macy’s didn’t have any Grey Goose or any nice Bordeaux in their home store. Luckily, there is a solution. ThirstyNest makes it easy to create a registry filled with the things you really love – wine and spirits. This is a great place to create a registry for those couples that already live together (or have their own places) and don’t need any more towels, dishes, or blenders.

So where to start? Here are the five essentials to creating the perfect home bar.

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1. The Wine.

When creating your registry, select a mix of special age-worthy wines and some everyday options. It’ll be exciting and special to have something to open for your future anniversaries together.

For age-worthy wines, about one to two cases worth (or 12-24 bottles) is the right amount. You’ll only need a moderately sized wine fridge for safekeeping, and it’ll be easy to move in between homes.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules as to which wines to add to your registry, but we’re certainly happy to make some recommendations. A great option to add to your registry for your one year anniversary is the Iron Horse Vineyards 2013 Wedding Cuvée. It’s a sparkling wine made from 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay. It features notes of green apple and strawberry.

Another perfect wine for your registry is the Robert Mondavi 2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s so good that Wine Spectator gave it a 95. This bottle features a complex blend of fresh blackberry, wild berry compote, cassis, dark cocoa powder, forest floor, all-spice, and sweet vanilla. This wine ages beautifully, making it a perfect bottle to open for your 10th anniversary – and it’ll be worth the wait.

When choosing your everyday wines to add to your registry, just choose whatever you and your future spouse enjoy drinking! Try selecting wines that are versatile for many different occasions, from your first dinner party to your Netflix and chill nights.

A great wine to have on hand is the Domaine Serene 2014 Yamhill Cuvée. It’s a Pinot Noir that’s produced and bottled in Oregon.  This wine can be enjoyed with lean meat dishes or even a hearty vegetarian meal.

Another great wine to add to your collection is Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Dry Riesling. It’s a super versatile white that goes especially well with Thai and Chinese food, which can be hard to pair with.

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2. The Spirits

A great bar should feature a mix of cocktail essentials as well as brown spirits. You’ll want to make sure you have vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, white rum, and dark rum in your bar, as well as stirring mixers such as Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, and bitters. It’s also wise to have a quality Bourbon and Scotch on hand for entertaining guests.


3. The Glassware

For your registry, you’ll want to include a nice set of glasses for the optimal enjoyment of your liquor. Be sure to include wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and champagne flutes.

If you’ve gone shopping for wine glasses before, you may have noticed all of the different glass shapes for different grape varieties. All of these different glass types can get confusing. The Fusion Air glass set will make a great addition to your registry because it comes with universal glasses for any grape variety. The set comes with 12 glasses total – 4 universal glasses, 4 for bold juicy reds, and 4 for white. The best part about this glass set is that they’re break-resistant. They also come with a 10 year warranty – in the unlikely event that your Fusion Air glass breaks, it will be replaced for free.

As for cocktail glasses, the SoHo Bar whisky glasses will make a fine addition to your bar. These beautiful glasses come in a set of two. Another essential for your cocktail glass collection is the Fusion Deco coupe glasses. These Gatsby-style glasses are perfect for martinis, champagne, or “long” drinks (any drink that includes a non-alcoholic mixer such as juice or seltzer).

Another great option for those who love to host parties are the Wine Enthusiast Fusion Infinity Champagne Flutes. These flutes are party-proof as they are break-resistant. They also come with a 10-year warranty in the unlikely event that they break.


4. The Tools

Having stylish tools will add flair to your bar. They’ll also make you look and feel like a sommelier. An essential piece to have for your bar is a wine opener. We recommend this beautiful Laguiole En Aubrac Staghorn Waiters Corkscrew. It’s from a legendary French maker, accented with trendy and ethical naturally-shed stag horn, in the industry-preferred “waiter’s friend” style. If you’re someone who always has trouble opening bottles of wine or you don’t like the hassle, the Electric Blue 1 will open a bottle of wine for you, as well as preserve it.

Another tool to make you look like a wine expert and make your wine taste even better is a decanter. The Vivid Wine Decanter set will be perfect for opening up your special anniversary bottles.

Aside from wine tools, you’ll also want some tools to craft the perfect cocktail. The Essential Cocktail Set will make a fine addition to your bar. It looks elegant and impressive but makes a mean and professional-grade craft cocktail.

A cute way to celebrate your marriage and newly-shared last name is with personalized tools and drinkware. ThirstyNest has dozens of personalizable products, from decanters to wine stoppers.  

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5. The Storage

The key to well-aged wine is storing it in an appropriate place free from UV light, excessive moisture, and heat. Your wine will be safe for years to come with a wine fridge. The Silent Dual Zone 21 wine fridge is the perfect place to store your wine. It’s compact, silent, and safely stores 21 of your favorite bottles.

A bar cart is the perfect place to store and show off your spirits collection. The Sophia Bar Cart will make a beautiful addition to any home. It features clean white marble and gold detailing – so basically, it’s super Instagrammable. This tri-level cart creates space for all of your ice and mixers on the bottom while leaving elegant staging for your bottles and tools on top.


Starting your ThirstyNest registry is simple. All you have to do is create an account and you’ll be on your way to having the perfect home bar in no time. If you’re still uncertain what to include in your registry, check out ThirstyNest’s 1-Click-Registry Collection. It’ll make creating your registry quick and easy.

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