Creative Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be In Your Wedding

One of the joys of getting married is being able to celebrate this memorable day with your friends and family. In the months leading up to your wedding, there will be some planning – and you’ll want some help from your closest friends along the way.

Being a member of the wedding party is truly an honor – and because of this, you’ll want to ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be in the wedding in a very special way. Here are some creative ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen – because just sending a text is boring.

For Your Bridesmaids

A common way future brides have been popping the question to their friends is through bridesmaid boxes. Everyone loves getting gifts! They’re easy to put together yourself and to customize according to each bridesmaids’ tastes. Candles, mini bottles, nail polish, and chocolates are common items to put in your bridesmaid box. Custom coffee mugs are also common – you can put your bridesmaid’s initials on it, or get it customized to say, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Mugs make great keepsakes for your bridesmaids because they’re a reusable gift.

Some brides that let their bridesmaids choose their own dresses will also include a cloth swatch in the gift box so their bridesmaids know what color dress to look for. It’ll get them excited to pick out their dress!

Another clever way to ask your friends to be a part of your big day is through custom fortune cookies.

It’s easy and inexpensive to order custom fortune cookies online. Invite your friends over to your place for an evening of Chinese food and swap out the restaurant’s fortune cookies for your own. Encourage your friends to take a fortune cookie. They’ll be delighted to find a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” message in their fortune cookie. It also makes for a super Instagrammable moment.

For a playful bridesmaid proposal, purchase a custom puzzle piece set online. It’s a unique way to ask your someone to be your bridesmaid.

If you want the proposal to be more of a surprise, try to customize your puzzle piece set so that the message is written across several puzzle pieces instead of one.

They’re a great keepsake, super memorable, and can be framed to go on display in your home.

Everybody loves a great bottle of wine. Why not have a wine & movie night with your favorite ladies with an added surprise?

Custom wine labels are easy to order online and be customized to feature your bridesmaids’ names. You can also buy different bottles of wine for your friends to suit their individual tastes – not everybody loves the same grape variety.

Even after your bridesmaids finish the wine, they can still keep the bottle and put it on display in their homes with fairy lights or flowers inside.

An easy and inexpensive way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids is through some fun stationery.

If you’re already paying a lot of money for your wedding but still want to show your bridesmaids you care, this is a great option for you.

For Your Groomsmen

Crack open a cold one with the boys with a custom beer label.

Invite your friends over and offer them a beer. Or you can take your friends out to a BYOB restaurant. It’s an easy yet thoughtful way to ask your friends to be your groomsmen.

You can also opt for something similar to a bridesmaid box, but a manly version.

Common items for a groomsman gift box include flasks, liquor, cigars, and cigar cutters. But you can put in whatever you want – these aren’t hard and fast rules.

A fun yet functional gift to present your groomsmen with your proposal are custom socks.

Who doesn’t love fun socks? You can even get them in colors to match your wedding color scheme and ask your groomsmen to wear them on the big day. You can present them in person or mail them to friends that live further away.

Another gift that can be worn on the big day are custom cufflinks.

When you buy the cuff links, include a little note in the box that says, “Will you be my groomsman?” Or if you want to take a more humorous route, put in a note that says, “Please stand by my side as I get cuffed for life. Will you be my groomsman?”

A fun and interactive way to ask your groomsmen to be a part of your big day is through a scratch off card.

This is a perfect option for a groom with friends that live further away since it’s easy to send in the mail. It’s also great for a groom that’s trying to keep it low key. Be sure to include a personal message inside of the card for a personal touch, even if it’s brief!



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