4 tips for the perfect fall wedding

We don’t know about you, but fall is our favorite time of year. There is the crisp air, the proliferation of pumpkin-flavored beverages, and the happy memories of summer vacations. It’s also a wonderful time to get married, so here are our tips for the perfect party to celebrate your love with family and friends.

Stay Warm

While it’s not quite winter, there can be a definite chill in the air. Remind your guests to layer up if the ceremony will take place outside and stay informed with the weather reports. Keep blankets and a few extra jackets around, especially if your guest list includes the elderly and the very young.

fall wedding blankets

Take Your Time

While in summer it can feel like you’re spending every weekend watching your friends get married, in fall, people’s calendars open up a lot more. Apart from Halloween and Thanksgiving, your guests may be a lot more receptive to a longer celebration. Extend over a weekend, or have an evening meal before the big day – where you can properly introduce everyone and thank them for making the journey.

fall wedding flowers

Stay true to the season

While this can be true at any time of year, fall is particularly beautiful. It may even be why you chose the date! You don’t have to go crazy with pumpkin-themed everything, but take advantage of seasonal flowers, the rich colors around you, and the natural harvest of delicious food.

fall wedding cakes

Plan Your Photos

After the day is long gone, you will have your photographs to help preserve the memories. Your color palette is a big part of this, so don’t just limit yourself to the predictable orange and brown. Rich jewel tones in bridesmaid dresses – forest greens and luxurious golds – can form the backdrop of your stunning celebration.

fall wedding bride and groom

What do you love about fall weddings? Leave a comment with your tips!