How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Party

maid of honor

While there are traditional roles for your wedding party to fulfill, we suggest that you focus on the qualities of your family and friends. Think about what each person close to you is good at; what he or she cares most about, and how he or she could help you on your wedding day. Then, consider each of these responsibilities and see how closely each person seems to match the position. These are not set in stone; whatever you feel you need help with, your friends will want to be of use.

Maid of Honor

Look to those women closest to you – sisters and friends you’ve known through the years. Who is most reliable, and understanding? Some people say that sisters trump friends here, but really, everyone’s life is different. You might not be close to your sisters for many reasons, and have a friend who’s always been there for you. You’ll want someone who is honest, enjoys organizing events, and doesn’t get too stressed under pressure.

best man

Best Man

Again, convention tells us this honor is usually given to a brother, but a best friend is equally suitable. Whoever you most trust not to lose the rings, to not be too hungover after the bachelor party, and who always has your back – that’s the guy. Try to avoid anyone who doesn’t get along particularly well with your fiancé.



It isn’t a requirement that all of your bridesmaids are the best of friends – but they should all be relatively close to you. You might decide that your sisters, and your partner’s sisters beat out friends; it’s your choice. Avoid those who love drama, and if possible, pick people who love to dance. Someone has to get the dance floor going!



Whether you opt for a large or small wedding party, no one should feel like they’re consciously being left out. Similar to bridesmaids, groomsmen aren’t actually given a ton of responsibility, necessarily. It’s more about wanting to celebrate with your friends and family, so if there is a big group of friends you have who do everything together and you couldn’t possible choose between them…don’t!


Ring Bearers & Flower Girls

Nieces, nephews and much younger siblings – as long as they’re old enough to walk down the aisle enough, and look super cute doing it, you’re fine.

What advice would you give for a couple trying to choose their wedding party? Let us know in the comments!