How to have a ‘Great Gatsby’ inspired Art Deco wedding

The Great Gatsby is an inspiring theme for weddings. The story takes place in 1920s’ Long Island and is full of glitz and passion. Art Deco style can be applied to everything, with a luxury that’s perfect for celebrations. Here are some ideas for how you can say “I do” in the golden age.

Depending on your options, choice of venue may be key. Just in case you’re not able to book the Chrysler Building, though, fear not – the details are far more important. A table of flowers, golden accessories and candles, creates a luxurious 1920s speakeasy atmosphere. High ceilings and chandeliers capture the glamorous feel of Gatsby’s infamous mansion.

It’s just as easy to recreate the roaring twenties in an outdoor setting. Green gardens and mazes evoke the grandeur of Gatsby’s grounds. A vintage car makes for the perfect photo backdrop – and romantic getaway at the end of the night.

If planning a summer wedding, opt for fresher color palettes that pair with Art Deco influences. Delicate shades of mauve, mint, and gold, bring a feminine elegance that feels romantic and stylish.

Finding a vintage style dress is a central focus for a 1920s wedding. Channel Daisy Buchanan with Jenny Packham’s art deco wedding dresses. Shop around for authentic pieces, or nod to the past with lace and silk details.

Remember to consider your bouquet. You won’t be carrying it all day, but it should complement your dress. A neutral palette brings a classic luxe, while feathers make a bold choice for true flapper style.

You’ll want to include some accessories too; those flapper girls were all about their sparkle. Geometric angles on chunky bracelets bring art deco glamour, while halo drop earrings look stunning with up dos and bobbed hair. If you’re a true fan of art deco, consider a vintage style engagement ring. It will be an eternal reminder of your Gatsby inspired wedding.

You could add even more sparkle in your hair. Embellished slides of pearls and precious gems bring the look together, or go for a messy bun to achieve that casual but elegant style. Bobbed hair is also perfect for vintage brides; experiment with finger curls or accessorize with a silk band for that effortless flapper feel.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids and the groom! Flapper dresses are a natural choice, for comfort and style. They were originally designed for dancing in, so are perfect for the occasion. Colored ties and boutonnières are gorgeous accents that can complement your bouquet and the rest of the bridal party.

The prohibition may be ancient history, but take your influences straight from the speakeasies. Gin martinis and champagne are popular choices, served from vintage glasses and decanters for stunning style. You can even offer soft drinks in the same way. Elegant floral garnishes will take your champagne toast out of this world.

Finger food was popular in the 1920s because it was quick to prepare, easy to share, and could be eaten between trips to the dance floor. Oysters are a luxurious choice for celebrations, with their stunning shells and elegant presentation. Crostini topped with various garnishes are colorful works of art.

Everyone loves dancing, but it’s also fun to plan for some other entertainment – especially if some of your guests are children. Lawn games are perfect for summer! Take cues from Gatsby’s pastimes with croquet, badminton and bocce ball.

These are just a few ideas for how you could take your nuptial cues from The Great Gatsby. There are endless options to inspire and delight, but by choosing such a classic theme, we’re confident your wedding will be unforgettable. If you want to learn more about art deco jewelry, read our blog post on the topic, or browse our art deco style rings.