Bride’s Guide to Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Accessories

bride on her wedding day

From jumping the broom to tossing the bouquet, bridal traditions are half the fun of having a wedding! The “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” trend has stood the test of time like no other. We put a fresh twist on an old tradition — check out these tips on how to seamlessly integrate this tradition with your bridal accessories.

1. Something New: Earrings to Match the Wedding Ring

diamond stud earrings

Something new might be a bride’s favorite part — who doesn’t love wearing something brand new? We think the easiest way to incorporate something new into your bridal ensemble is by wearing earrings that complement your sparkling new wedding band. While it doesn’t need to be an exact match, make sure your earrings complement your wedding ring by featuring the same metal or jewel as your band.

If your wedding ring is a platinum band lined with small diamonds, go for diamond studs set in platinum. If your wedding band includes gemstone accents like sapphires or rubies, try vibrant gemstone drops or studs.

2. Something Old — Go Vintage

vintage wedding photo bride and groom
We think the tradition of wearing something old is the perfect opportunity to go vintage! We’ve seen a surge in vintage wedding style so incorporating this trend into your existing bridal look is an easy addition.

From vintage gloves and brooches to embroidered, cathedral-style veils, the options for vintage accessories are endless. Our favorite is the vintage fascinator that exudes classic Hollywood glamor and meshes well with most wedding dress styles.

3. Something Borrowed: Keep it Sentimental

something borrowed pearl bracelets necklaces
Remember how exciting it was to try on your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry? The best part about playing dress-up was when your mom allowed you to pick your favorite item out of her jewelry box — here’s your chance to do it again! Bring meaning to the phrase “something borrowed” by wearing a treasured family heirloom as part of your bridal accessories. Whether it’s a bracelet, brooch, or similar style accessory, it’s the meaning behind the item that makes it special.

4. Something Blue: Sapphires

ritani sapphire necklace
Incorporating “something blue” into your bridal ensemble isn’t always as straight-forward as it sounds. Many brides opt to keep their blue item under the radar, in fear of the color clashing with their all-white dress. However, for those who opt to show off their “something blue,” what better way than with a breathtaking sapphire?

Wearing a brilliant blue sapphire necklace or bracelet set in diamonds not only checks off your blue item, it can be the perfect complement to a diamond engagement ring. Ancient royals believed that sapphires symbolized wisdom, virtue and good fortune. Need we say more?

Certain traditions stand the test of time for a reason — but how you use them in your wedding day wardrobe is completely up to you.