Wear the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an emotional experience. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and by the time the whole ordeal is over you’ll feel completely exhausted. And even though it’s all worth it in the end, the process can be pretty stressful. Not only do you need to find a dress that you love, that’s in your price range, and that flatters and fits you perfectly, you also have to think about how that dress will work with the venue you’ve chosen. Well, don’t stress too much about that last one. Below are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect dress, after you’ve decided on the venue.

Beach Wedding

For this setting you want something light and airy for a cool and casual day. Beach weddings tend to be more informal than weddings at other locations, so feel free to experiment with different dress styles. Strapless dresses, halters, and shorter dresses are all acceptable options. Just make sure it’s an earthy, relaxed style that won’t get blown around by an ocean breeze.

Outdoor Wedding

Go big or go home!  If you’re having your wedding at an outdoor location you have the space to set yourself up for a pretty fabulous wedding. And personally, I think that calls for a pretty fabulous dress. Go for the princess skirt, the all lace dress, and lots and lots of tulle. You have the location (and the room) to make it work.

Vegas Wedding

Vegas weddings are fun, and funky, and sometimes spur of the moment. But if you have time to do a little planning before getting hitched by Elvis, go for something that matches the mood of your wedding. This is where you can get really outrageous. A poufy short dress? A giant bow on the side? It doesn’t matter what the over-the-top detail is, just make sure it’s there. You want a dress that represents your fun and fab personality!

Church/Temple Wedding

Weddings in religious sanctuaries often require a more modest dress code. That means no strapless, sleeves, or halter dresses (unless you have a jacket or shrug to put on over the dress for the ceremony.) While that may seem like the venue limits your options, that really isn’t the case. This is the perfect wedding to wear the quintessential, gorgeous, wedding gown, with a long veil to match. Look for something with lace sleeves or a high collar neckline to add visual interest without going over the top.

Courthouse Wedding

Getting married at a courthouse does not mean that you don’t get to wear a beautiful dress. For this one, I’m thinking the dress JLo throws on to get married at the courthouse in The Wedding Planner (but of course, this wedding will have a much happier ending). Go for a short, white, body-skimming dress that looks timeless.

Where are you having your wedding? What will you be wearing?