Wedding Photography Tips From The Experts

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Wedding photos capture memories of you and your loved ones on one of the best days of your life. The last thing you’ll want to do is stress about getting those photos just right. And who better to provide guidance than people who’ve built careers creating amazing wedding photography? We asked 5 expert wedding photographers for their advice on the best ways to capture your special day. Whether you want traditional portraits or nontraditional, unique wedding photos, read on for their tips on how to get the best wedding photos ever.

Ritani: What advice would you give to brides and grooms to help them get the most out of their wedding photos?

Chaz Cruz | Website:
My biggest piece of advice would be to give in to your emotions. If you want to smile, smile large. If you want to cry, cry hard! You don’t want to look back at your photos and regret not being your authentic self. A wedding is a culmination of time, money and love, so go through the gamut of emotions and just let it all out!

Beach wedding photo by Chaz Cruz
Photo by Chaz Cruz
Wedding Photography by Chaz Cruz
Photo by Chaz Cruz

Arpit Mehta | Website:
The most important advice I would give any couple on getting the most of out their wedding day photos is to have clear and concise communication with their photographer. An experienced wedding photographer will do their best to cover the entire day, but no two couples are the same and no two weddings are the same. For some couples, photos of their details matter far more than formal portraits; for others, their romantic portraits are more important than the prep photos. When I’m in a consultation with a couple, I ask them questions about what images drew them to my work, what they would love captured, and even about their family dynamics to help guide the journey to their wedding day. If there are crucial details that will affect the photographer’s job, make sure to communicate those to him. It’s the simplest way to ensure the best photographs from your big day.

Creative wedding photographer Arpit Mehta
Photo by Arpit Mehta
Bridal photographer Arpit Mehta
Photo by Arpit Mehta

Marni Rothschild | Website:
1. Have a list of all of the group formals you want and get it to the photographer at least two weeks before the wedding. Also, let those guests know ahead of time where and when they should be ready for those pictures. This ensures that your closest friends and family will be captured with you both and also lets everybody enjoy the reception rather than being herded like cattle for group photos during the party.

2. Carve out plenty of time for pictures of the two of you. Whether it’s for a first look or during sunset after your ceremony, make sure you have enough time to get pictures in a few locations throughout your venue. Include time to walk or ride from one place to the next. Many historic venues in South Carolina have both formal gardens and water views and you don’t want to miss one or the other because of time constraints.

3. Ask your guests to leave their phones in their purses. Some of my favorite pictures depict the guest’s reactions to toasts and dances. A great candid of a friend wiping away tears of joy or laughing in response to a heartfelt speech is totally diminished when they’re viewing through their screen. You’ve hired a professional so let your guests have the evening off!

4. Accept the weather conditions and just go with it. It’s the one thing you can’t control and it’s one of the aspects that makes your day so unique. Of course, we would all love clear skies and a cool breeze but sometimes an unexpected gust of wind or rain shower can make for a fantastic picture and a great story afterward. I always have umbrellas and cute rain boots in my car for adventurous couples!

Wedding photography Charleston, SC Marni Rothschild
Photo by Marni Rothschild
Wedding photography by Marni Rothschild from Charleston, SC
Photo by Marni Rothschild

Duncan Holmes | Website:
Pick a photographer you like.
As well as liking their work, be sure you’ll be comfortable having them with you on your big day. You don’t have to be best friends, but you want to be relaxed around them, feel comfortable with their approach and know that they aren’t going to rub people up the wrong way.

Think about the photos you like.
Whether you use Pinterest or browse a magazine or just look through photos of weddings you’ve been to, you’ll have seen pictures that maybe had a wow factor or that felt right to you. If you let your photographer know the type of images you like, the mood, important details from your day, it can help them to capture things the way you want. But be realistic, it’ll be hard to convey a boho wedding vibe if you’re in a modern venue in a city center.

UK Photography by Duncan Holmes
Photo by Duncan Holmes
Photography by Duncan Holmes
Photo by Duncan Holmes

Critsey Rowe | Website:
The advice I would like to give to couples to help them get the most out of their wedding day photos would be: make a photography timeline with your photographer. Your day will be filled with a schedule of events such as ceremony start time, cocktail hour, introductions, dinner and etc… all of these things will be scheduled at a certain time. There will be photos that you may want so it is best to coordinate with your photographer to optimize this schedule. If the bride and groom want an epic romance shot at sunset but sunset happens at the same time as your first course, this means you may need to rethink your timing. All of this planning should happen several months before your event. If you have a hired planner for your wedding day they will also need to be involved with the day of photography planning session to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you want certain pictures from your day, be very clear to both your photographer and your planner to ensure you get the photos your heart most desires.

Underwater wedding photography
Photo by Critsey Rowe
Wedding photography by Critsey Rowe
Photo by Critsey Rowe


Most photographers recommended having an idea of what kinds of pictures you want and a timeline of your wedding to help plan when and where they should be on your wedding day. To sum it up, it’s best if you relax, have fun and smile on your big day. The key is to act like you do in real life, so your photographer can capture moments on your wedding day for you to cherish forever. For a few more ideas on getting the best wedding photos ever, check out our 10 Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Photos.