Why I work at Ritani: Ryan Hicks, Development Manager

ryan hicks work at ritani

This is the third installment in our blog series called ‘Why I work at Ritani’. With teams in New York and Seattle, we aim to highlight the passionate and talented people who are improving the ways customers shop for luxury jewelry and engagement rings.

Today, we’d like to introduce Ryan Hicks, who works at our Downtown Seattle location.

Ryan Hicks, Development Manager at Ritani.
Ryan Hicks, Development Manager at Ritani.

Tell us a little about your role at Ritani.


We have a long list of ideas that will make Ritani even more awesome than it is; I help bring those ideas to life. I’m helping grow our team to get these things done and I’ve worked on the entire technology stack (from building internal APIs to perfecting the interface responses on touch-screen devices). My passion will always be for building great features that delight users that add fuel to the business.

Recently, I added new sorting options to our main diamond inventory page; you can now sort by Most Popular, Ritani Favorites, or Best Sparkle. This project was awesome because I not only got to build out three new algorithms for evaluating diamonds, I also got to add a feature that clearly helps our customers find the perfect diamond for them. I’m excited to monitor the success of this feature and continue to tweak it to maximize its value.

What do you love most about working at Ritani?


This might be cheesy, but I love hearing stories of successful proposals. Buying a diamond and choosing the perfect ring is a really big deal — what’s more, it comes at a time when a guy already has every reason to be completely stressed out. If I can create an experience that makes the process smoother and less-stressful, I feel like I’ve done my part. At Ritani, we make it even easier, from Free In-Store Previews of diamonds and completed rings to a fully-functional mobile web site that lets you easily research your diamond where she won’t notice and spoil the surprise.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?


As a parent of two young boys, I’m fascinated with trains, fire trucks, macaroni and cheese, ambulances, LEGOs, bubbles, Minecraft, soccer, castles, the Solar System, lions, scooters, sprinklers, spaceships, gymnastics, puppets, licorice, minerals, rockets, M&Ms, zip lines, quadcopters, mud, bikes, drums, The Mistmantle Chronicles, electric cars, “why,” geocaching, board games, Netflix, monkeys, ice cream, marble sets, lassos, and building things so that we can knock them down.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in the industry?


Use the Oxford comma. Also, though work experience is important, the people you know are actually more valuable to you in the long run. Certainly, take classes and read books to get proficient in whatever technology you’re pursuing, but also get involved in the local community by going to meetups or similar organized events. When you get a job, be helpful to people outside your team; marketing folks are nicer than you think and can also be the connection to your next great gig. Good luck!

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