Why I work at Ritani: Leah Caglio, SEO Analyst

This is the latest installment in our blog series called ‘Why I work at Ritani’. With teams in New York and Seattle, we aim to highlight the passionate and talented people who are improving the ways customers shop for luxury jewelry and engagement rings.

Today, we’d like to introduce Leah Caglio, who works at our Downtown Seattle location.

Leah Caglio, SEO Analyst at Ritani
Leah Caglio, SEO Analyst at Ritani

Tell us a little about your role at Ritani.

I work on the SEO team, doing a little bit of everything to help us increase our organic traffic and our online presence. My job involves a lot of variety, which I love! On a given day I can be researching competitors, writing content, assisting with reporting, setting up new outreach opportunities, or executing on an assortment of other SEO improvement projects.

We recently completed a backlink (that is, link back to the Ritani website from other domains) auditing project that I’m very proud of. We wanted to clean up our link profile and remove spammy, out of date, and irrelevant links. This involved looking through lists of thousands of domains and backlinks to separate unfavorable links from links that are viable and relevant. After weeks of auditing, we were able to create a link blacklist and “whitelist”. Not to mention, the project gave us a much clearer and more detailed picture of Ritani’s online presence.


What do you love most about working at Ritani?

In addition to the variety I mentioned above, I have really enjoyed both the work atmosphere and learning about the jewelry industry. The people here are kind, helpful, and totally supportive of everyone else’s successes.  I love to learn, and I feel like there is no end to the amount I can learn about the jewelry and diamond industries. It has been an interesting and exciting challenge to learn all that I can about the 4Cs of diamonds, engagement ring styles and settings, and more – so that we can better educate our customers.


How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Outside of work you can find me enjoying a potpourri of nerdy pursuits such as: pub trivia (shout-out to the best trivia team in Seattle, Tequila Mockingbird), puzzles (crossword, logic, “escape the room”, you name it), video games, and building myself a new gaming PC. I’m a huge media hound, so I spend a good deal of my time watching TV and movies, reading, and listening to new music.

Also, I recently adopted a kitten named Churro. She’s only three months old, so a lot of my time lately has been devoted to raising her, training her, and thinking or talking about how cute she is.


What advice would you give someone just starting out in SEO?

I have two pieces of advice for someone just starting out in SEO: keep up to date on the latest SEO news, and don’t get discouraged. SEO is a field that changes often and sometimes quite abruptly, so it’s important to see what the crowds are saying and noticing. SEO strategies and best practices can change dramatically from one year to the next, so staying current is crucial.

At the same time, just because a certain SEO strategy worked for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you. Don’t be disheartened if what you think is your golden ticket strategy doesn’t pan out. SEO is a puzzle with many moving parts, so make sure your approach to SEO includes a diverse set of tactics.

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