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Diamond Eternity Rings

2.00 Carat Princess-Cut Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

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Starts at: $3,344.00

Diamond Eternity Rings

The beauty and sparkle of an eternity ring is truly captivating. While some use eternity bands for their wedding ring, they are most popular as an anniversary gift. Eternity rings are also sometimes gifted to celebrate other milestones, such as the birth of a newborn child. Eternity rings are often stacked on the left ring finger with the engagement and wedding ring, but those who don't have the room can wear it on their right ring finger. Ritani offers both earth-grown and lab-grown diamond eternity rings. It's important to note that eternity rings cannot be resized, so make sure to measure your ring size before ordering. If you order an eternity ring that doesn't fit, return it within your 30-day return window for another size. Looking to create a custom diamond eternity ring? Chat now with our diamond concierge team to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are eternity rings?

    Eternity rings are rings with a circle of diamonds (or sometimes) gemstones going all the way around the band.

  • What do eternity rings mean?

    Eternity rings mean everlasting love since a never-ending band of diamonds wraps around your finger. Eternity bands are often gifted for anniversaries but can also be used as a wedding band.

  • Which finger for eternity rings?

    Typically, eternity rings are worn on your left-hand ring finger. However, you can wear an eternity ring on whichever finger you please.

  • What are eternity rings given for?

    Eternity rings are often given to celebrate an anniversary or for a milestone, like the birth of a child. Some choose to use an eternity ring as their wedding ring, although it’s usually reserved for the aforementioned occasions.

  • When do you get eternity rings?

    An eternity ring is often given to celebrate your anniversary but can also be given to celebrate a milestone like the birth of a child.

  • How to wear eternity rings

    Typically, an eternity band is stacked on top of your wedding band and engagement ring on your left ring finger. So, the order that you would wear your rings would be your wedding band, engagement ring, and then eternity ring. However, you can wear your eternity ring on any finger; some choose to wear their eternity band on their right-hand ring finger.

  • Which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings?

    Traditionally, the order you wear your rings is your wedding band first so that it is closest to your heart, followed by your engagement ring in the middle, and your eternity band last.

  • Can you resize an eternity ring?

    Unfortunately, eternity rings cannot be resized due to their complex design. We recommend you find the perfect ring size before purchasing an eternity ring.