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How it works: Your diamond + your style = your custom pendant

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Choose your pendant style

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Follow your progress

Look for this progress bar on inventory and product detail pages.

It will help you keep track of what steps you have completed and which items you have selected for your custom pendant.


Choosing your diamond

Browse the entire Ritani inventory of diamonds to find the one with the cut and sparkle you've always wanted. When you've found the perfect diamond, choose "Add it to a Custom Pendant" to move on to the next step.

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Browse pendant styles

View Ritani's entire collection of handcrafted pendant styles to find your perfect style in your preferred metal. Then select "Choose this Pendant" to move to the next step.

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View your completed pendant

When you've chosen your diamond and style, your custom pendant is complete. You can then view your pendant in full detail, add it to your cart, or save it as one of your favorites.

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