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Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are placed on a scale from faint to vivid. The diamonds all have their own distinct shade, depending on the level of nitrogen present. Yellow diamonds can also contain secondary tones, making each truly unique.

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Yellow Color Diamonds

Green Diamonds

Fancy green diamonds are the second most rare category, after naturally red diamonds. Exhibiting a blend of blue and yellow light, each green diamond produces its own unique hue. While their green tone does not last as long as other colors – it is only surface deep – they are truly remarkable to behold and as such, very valuable.

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Green Color Diamond

Pink Diamonds

Extremely rare and valuable, naturally pink diamonds are a stunning sight. Very high temperatures alter the atomic structure of some diamonds, producing distinctive rose hues. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia produces over 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds.

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Pink Color Diamond

Blue Diamonds

Naturally blue diamonds are eye-catching in their rarity. Running from very faint to rich, vivid blues, each blue diamond is unique. A diamond’s blue shade is caused by a variety of natural elements present within the stone’s structure. Highly saturated blue diamonds are known to sell for millions of dollars per carat.

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Blue Color Diamond

Orange Diamonds

Not to be confused with brown diamonds, naturally orange diamonds can range from a subtle peach to fiery amber tones. Produced most often by The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, orange tones are present as a unique blend of pink and yellow shades.

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Orange Color Diamond
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