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Recently Purchased

Here is a selection of diamonds that have been recently purchased from Ritani. They give an idea of the styles and qualities that are currently popular.

Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Polish Sym. Fluor. Price City, State Order Type  
Mission Viejo, CA Free Preview at:
Fredric H Rubel Jewelers
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San Francisco, CA Free Preview at:
Steve Padis Jewelry
View Similar
Forest Hills, NY Free Preview at:
Lorilil Jewelers
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Phoenix, AZ Online View Similar
Washington, DC Free Preview at:
Boone & Sons of DC
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Washington, DC Picked up at:
Boone & Sons of DC
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Brea , CA Free Preview at:
Jack Monarch
View Similar
Springfield, MO Free Preview at:
Justice Jewelers
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Milford, MI Free Preview at:
Motif Jewelers
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Durango, CO Online View Similar
Hoboken, NJ Picked up at:
W Kodak Jewelers
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San Diego, CA Free Preview at:
Unicorn Jewelers
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Chattanooga, TN Free Preview at:
Rone Regency Jewelers
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Mc Lean, VA Picked up at:
Boone & Sons of Virginia
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Dublin, OH Picked up at:
Diamond Cellar
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Burlilngton, IA Online View Similar
Boca Raton, FL Online View Similar
Missoula, MT Online View Similar
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Free Preview at:
Underwood Jewelers
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Sacramento, CA Online View Similar
Loxahatchee, FL Online View Similar
Morristown , NJ Online View Similar
Missouri City, TX Online View Similar
Naperville, IL Free Preview at:
Fey & Co.
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Chevy Chase, MD Picked up at:
Boone & Sons of Maryland
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