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Understanding Diamond Cuts

The cut grade indicates how much a diamond will sparkle. The traditional diamond cut was originally crafted, and has been continually refined to return the most light back to your eyes in the form of sparkle.

Look for diamonds in the Reserve Ideal, Ideal, Very Good, and Good cut grade — the higher the grade, the more the diamond will sparkle. Diamonds with these cut grades are some of the rarest diamonds available, and are available by Ritani. We only use diamonds within our engagement rings that are within these grades; ensuring that your engagement ring will have a sparkle she’ll notice.

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What is Cut?

A quality cut grade allows a diamond to express its natural sparkle and scintillation.

Cut refers to how perfectly the symmetry and proportions of the diamond capture light and then deliver it to the eye in the form of sparkle. If the diamond does not have exceptional proportions, or if the symmetry is off, the light will not travel through the diamond and return to the eye with maximum sparkle.

If you choose a diamond with a cut grade of Reserve Ideal or Ideal, you'll notice that it has more sparkle than diamonds with lower cut grades. If you're looking for a larger diamond within your budget, consider selecting a diamond with a Very Good cut grade, which will deliver amazing sparkle at a more affordable price. And if you want to maximize the size of your diamond, any Ritani diamonds with a cut grade of Good will still sparkle beautifully.

What Are the Different Grades of Cut?

    Represents the top 1% of diamonds and have been graded by either the AGSL or GIA and have received the finest cut-grade available. This guarantees they are cut to maximize beauty, not carat weight, and will look gorgeous when viewed in a ring.
    Represents roughly the top 5% of all diamonds, and produces the most sparkle. An exquisite and rare cut that can be found only in round-shaped diamonds.
    Represents roughly the top 15% of diamonds. Differences between this and an Ideal cut may be indistinguishable to the naked eye.
    Represents roughly the top 30% of diamonds. Still some of the most brilliant diamonds available.
    Diamonds with cut grades of Fair or Poor are not available from Ritani, as they are cut to preserve diamond weight rather than create maximum sparkle.

What do the Various Cuts Look Like?

No two diamonds are alike — even those with the same quality grade. At Ritani, we offer you the ability to see your diamond before you buy with high-definition videos, real diamond imagery, and exclusive reports.

See representative examples of how each diamond cut will look, or look for yourself with an actual diamond video from our diamond selection. At Ritani, we only carry high quality diamonds with cut grades from Reserve Ideal to Good.

How Cut Grade Can affect Diamonds of the Same Price

Cut Grades:
Reserve Ideal, Ideal,
Very Good, Good

Cut Grade:


Smaller diamond

More sparkle

Perfect polish

Visibly larger diamond

Slightly less sparkle

Very good polish

See Diamond Cuts for Actual Diamonds with Our Exclusive Diamond Videos:

Reserve Ideal Very Good Good

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